Hi. I’ve decided to put P1xels back online. You may recall it was supposed to be back up Sept. 1, 2013. Unfortunately, we discovered a lot of issues with the huge database that had to be addressed and there were all sorts of other problems. The amazing new site is almost done, but we long ago burned through what funds I was able to raise. My developer has donated all the free time he can. I am looking for a way to finance completion.

The PixelEx app is not working anymore and we don’t know why. It should be. I am writing to the developer to see if it is easily fixed.

I am not sure what to do about submissions. I may begin posting the Daily Pic I’ve been doing on Tumblr here instead. I find Tumblr very clunky and not conducive to my kind of posts. And search on Tumblr is a joke.

I’ll be sending out an email to everybody shortly concerning recent developments.

I am happy to have P1xels back up. If we do manage to get PixelEx working again, please be aware that when we switch over to the new site, pictures posted here from this day forth will most likely have to be reposted there after we go live.