Our new companion site, P1xels—The Fine Art of the iPhone, has launched.

We are offering museum-quality signed and numbered limited edition archival prints by the finest artists working in the new medium we call iphoneography today.

Needless to say, we will be adding more artists and art in the coming months. We are extremely pleased to have the following artists join us for representation in this next step in the P1xels’ mission to bring iphoneography into its rightful place in the fine art world:

  1. Maia Panos
  2. Jose Chavarry
  3. Andrea Mdos
  4. Ramona Gillentine
  5. Cindy Patrick
  6. Butow Maler
  7. Max T. Frame
  8. Kris Torma
  9. Rudy Vogel
  10. Jamie Stewart
  11. Glenn Homann
  12. James Clarke
  13. Robert Mullen
  14. Jamie Stewart
  15. Gordon Fraser

Please take a look and take the opportunity to start your collection now of these timeless and beautiful works. They will last for generations and their value in the collectible market will only rise.