Does Henry care? No, of course not! He's a cat!

Does Henry care? No, of course not! He’s a cat!

Okay, kids, I mean, my droogies, another milestone has been passed here at P1xels. I just realized we have passed the 24,000 mark of posted images. In fact, we are at about 24,070 right now. I was preoccupied with the fifth anniversary, sort of, of P1xels the other day, which is probably when we actually crossed the 24K mark, but I didn’t notice until today.

That is a lot of pictures! I think I’ve published about one-sixth of the images that have come in over the past five years, but it actually could be a much smaller portion. In any case, I’ve look at quite a few over the years. I’ve learned a lot about curation in that time. I’ve always done it in service to the community, as odd as that may sound.

I believed in the medium and the artists from the very first and I also knew we could do better and therefore I set out to enforce the bar that was being created every day by the work coming in. If you are interested, I did write about the curation process here some time ago. It pretty much still applies, except for where I said, in the comment section, that there would be alternative curated sites at some point. Hasn’t happened.

So, that makes P1xels the curated historical archive of iphonic art and iphoneography. I want to once again invite the IPA refugees to P1xels. Along with anybody else who wants his or her work preserved in one splendid place for posterity. I had a long talk with high-level Wells Fargo marketing honcho the other night and she made some great suggestions as to re-framing the P1xels experience as the historical archive, among other things, as we approach the long-anticipated redesign and relaunching of the site.

Keep ’em coming!

Thanks, everybody.