Hi All –

People always ask me what my plans are for P1xels. Or they react to something I do as if it is part of a master plan that I have not shared with them.

I am hoping that, by now, you all know there is no plan. If I had money, I would have a plan.

I do have ideas, some of which get implemented, some of which await an influx of real development capital, some of which are just plain weird, some of which work, some of which don’t.

Basically, every single day on P1xels is an improvisation. We create this site together. I never know what is going to come in. Great pictures, yes. But it’s like an ever-shifting stream and sometimes it’s a torrent and sometimes it’s very dry. Emails, phone calls, meetings … all can change the shape of my ideas for the future.

I had a meeting at Obscura Digital a couple weeks ago that blew my mind and made me aware of the potential for some massive back-end development I would like to implement in the future. A  couple hours there transformed my vision for the P1xels site. (We will have a curated front-end and our focus will always be on individual works by individual artists as a print medium.)

Which brings me to the latest experiment: volunteer curators on P1xels. This was my most recent idea and improvisation. It did not work. So it is ending, as of today.

I want to thank the people who generously took their time to assist me. It is not easy to curate: it is a humbling experience, actually. There is no pleasure in saying no to a picture. I can attest to how seriously everybody involved took their responsibilities.

I thank them for their efforts. They all did wonderful jobs.