Flipboard, name iPad “App Of The Year” by no less than Apple, is now featuring content from P1xels within the newest versions of  Flipboard for iPad and now, iPhone.

Needless to say, we are thrilled. Phat props go to P1xels artist and associate Rudy Vogel for connecting the dots between P1xels and Flipboard. Of course, words can barely express our gratitude to the wonderful folks at Flipboard for this honor.

Millions of people use Flipboard on their iPads already and, with the introduction of the iPhone app, many millions more will be, we hope, introduced to the amazing work of the artists here on P1xels.

Flipboard is the world’s first social magazine. Inspired by the beauty and ease of print media, Flipboard’s mission is to fundamentally improve how people discover, view and share content across their social networks. Start reading your magazine – on iPhone or iPad – by downloading Flipboard at www.flipboard.com.

You will find P1xels in the “Design & Photo” section, where we share space with the great photo sites 500px and Fotopedia.

And if you are reading this on Flipboard and it is your first exposure to the site, welcome to P1xels, the curated site of record for iphoneographic art from around the world.

Flipboard for iPhone Highlights

  • Social Networks: Enjoy everything in one place from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Instagram, Google Reader, Flickr and 500px.
  • Cover Stories: Get a quick update on interesting stories and photos from all your social networks and favorite Flipboard content.
  • Flipboard Accounts: Access to all the favorite content and social networks you saved on the iPad edition of Flipboard with a Flipboard Account.
  • Content Guide: Browse recommended reading. Use + to add to your Flipboard.
  • Search Bar: Find social conversations, posts and feeds from any person or publication and on any topic. For example, search “Cinemagraph” and get results from Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, RSS and Instagram.
  • Share Everywhere: Just one tap to share, like or comment to add to the conversation on the social network an item was posted to.
  • Fast Flip: Scan through pages as quickly as you can with just a flick of a thumb.
  • Read later: Use Instapaper or Read It Later to mark stories you want to save.

Screen shot of iPhone Flipboard