Cover illustration "Finding Our Way Home" by Maia Panos

The new issue of P1XELS is available on MagCloud here. 142 pages of iphonographic delight, 136 images from the upcoming exhibit at the Orange County Center For Contemporary Art.

I’ve received a couple of emails asking me about the format of the magazine. First off, it’s perfect bound like a paperback book. It’s thick, almost a half an inch. There is only one picture per page with plenty of white space around it, allowing each image the space it needs to be appreciated properly; images measure, for the most part, 4″x6″ or 6″x4″ or 5″x5″ on an 8.5″x11″ page, so it’s like a large format paperback book.

Right now you can browse the whole issue, but the morality brigade might restrict access when they get back to work tomorrow, due to the nudes scattered throughout. So check it out now!