I had the pleasure of seeing a copy of this issue of P1XELS at the opening the other night. (Mine have not arrived – forgot to click “overnight” when I ordered.) Jody Frost brought one down from the SF Bay Area so that she could collect autographs from the artists who had made it to the opening.

I have to say that the issue looks absolutely fantastic. It’s almost a half an inch thick, one hundred and forty-six pages with one beautiful image per page – you can see a preview here. Any number of people thumbed through the book and all raved raved RAVED.

This collection is almost three times as big as last year’s issue and truly reflects the scope, range, and power of the work being done around the world by our community. And just as last years’ edition will remain a historical document, so will this edition reflect the global state of the art of iphonography for decades to come.

Get your collector’s edition now!

We will be publishing P1XELS on a quarterly basis in the future. Who knows, maybe more often? In any case, you will love this edition of P1XELS (#2).