P1XELS—The Charisma Lane Issue

The latest issue of P1XELS Magazine is available: this time a special “Charisma Lane” Issue. It is available here, in print or in digital format. These issues of P1XELS look fantastic on an iPad. But holding a book or magazine your hands is still a joy, isn’t it?

I had an image in my head for a long time: a naked woman sitting cross-legged cradling an antique lute  in her arms. Done right, I knew it would be a powerful image, evoking music, mystery, and melancholy. The first time I shot the image, I was unhappy with the result, so I went on Model Mayhem in search of the right model. When I saw Charisma, I knew she was the one. I wrote her and shared my idea and gave her a link to the P1xels website.

This led to the idea of a collaboration for an issue of P1xels and, as she says in her introduction, she suggested we offer the images to other iphonic artists. We had done nude remixes on P1xels before, so I knew it would work. And it did, beautifully. This issue is the result.

I wish to express my gratitude to the artists who took their time to work on these images, and who gave me permission to share them here. And many thanks to Charisma, not only for her curation of this issue, but for her enthusiasm, creativity, and patience in working with me: she taught me a lot about shooting nudes.

Artists who contributed their time and talents to this issue include:

  • Roger Guetta
  • Elodie Hunting
  • Rosanna Cappiello
  • Jamie Stewart
  • Lu Guada
  • Gordon Fraser
  • Mark Gentry
  • Glenn Homann
  • Christopher Swink
  • Sean Hayes
  • Knox Bronson
  • Max T. Frame
  • James Clarke
  • Hans Borghorst

Don’t delay, get your copy today!