Armineh Hovanesian ~ Her Spirit

Still are there wonders of the dark and day:
   The muted shrilling of shy things at night,
      So small beneath the stars and moon;
   The peace, dream-frail, but perfect while the light
      Lies softly on the leaves at noon.
         These are, and these will be
             Until eternity;
But she who loved them well has gone away.

Each dawn, while yet the east is veiléd grey,
   The birds about her window wake and sing;
      And far away, each day, some lark
   I know is singing where the grasses swing;
      Some robin calls and calls at dark.
         These are, and these will be
             Until eternity;
But she who loved them well has gone away.

The wild flowers that she loved down green ways stray;
   Her roses lift their wistful buds at dawn,
      But not for eyes that loved them best;
   Only her little pansies are all gone,
      Some lying softly on her breast.
         And flowers will bud and be
             Until eternity;
But she who loved them well has gone away.

Where has she gone? And who is there to say?
   But this we know: her gentle spirit moves
      And is where beauty never wanes,
   Perchance by other streams, mid other groves;
      And to us there, ah! she remains
         A lovely memory
             Until eternity;
She came, she loved, and then she went away.

To Keep the Memory of Charlotte Forten Grimké By Angelina Weld Grimké

Max RichterReturn 2

{en vedette} Edina Herold ~ Juliet

Originally published December 30, 2010.

Edina Herold and her husband Robert were a couple of my favorite artists back in the early days of Pixels. I stumbled on this picture looking for something else.

Following the Twitter lynch mob that destroyed the Andy Warhol Museum exhibition I had secured for our community (and for which I had found corporate sponsorship) over the course of a year-and-a-half of work and no small amount of personal expense, Edina and Robert stopped posting on Pixels, much to my dismay. They were not just very talented pioneers of our nascent movement, they were very sweet people, as well.

They were part of larger exodus that hurt me deeply, even though Pixels continued to grow, receiving about 200 pictures a day throughout the next year. That was when I got the brilliant idea to turn Pixels into a much bigger site, a social network, but that is a story for another day.

As we approach the ten-year anniversary of Pixels (November 29, 2009) and the eight-year anniversary (November 22, 2011) of the Twitter attack that took the Warhol show down, I ponder telling the whole story, including the subsequent campaign of lies and harassment against me and Pixels that continued for many years after. I would spare no one, including myself.

Andy Royston, a very well-known iphoneographer, once asked on Facebook if we, the early movers-and-shakers of the movement, would someday tell the real story of iphoneography. The next time I talked to him on the phone, I told him I couldn’t do it. He laughed.

I still can’t laugh about. Such an opportunity for us all was lost that day. Even worse, I truly miss all those artists. Still.

I am truly grateful for everybody who still shares their work here. Always!

{video} The Kombucha King

Got thirty-five minutes to spare?

Watch this one first.

Now, watch this one …

For the record, I think Kombucha is bullshit and it tastes awful. But I love the videos (and all the participants).

The Art of the iPhone

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