With about 50 photo and movie apps on my phone and another 20 or 30 “just editing” apps it’s always difficult to choose the right one. When editing the results of a shooting i’ve got mostly a general idea of the mood i want to have and choose the apps to reach this mood as good as possible.

On my trip to Bruxelles, Paris and Brugge i didn’t want to shoot raw data and app them after the journey. I decided to use just one camera app all the time and just one effect – whatever there’ll be to photograph. My choice fell on ToyCamera with its double exposure lens. The double exposure effect supports the most fleeting of all the impressions. And wasn’t Impressionism – with its fleeting approach – a French invention? The more fleeting the pictures get, the more they show; this is the point in my opinion.

Appropriate for the trip through France and Belgium!

—Butow Maler


The only app i used after the shots has been Monochrome to change the tones a little bit.