Hi All-

I am planning a PIXELS support page via the website Patreon.

I have run PIXELS out-of-pocket for almost six years. A couple times I have asked for donations and the community graciously gave and I thank you for that. I did an Indiegogo campaign for a new site a couple of years ago and raised some money, but not as much as we needed. We got a lot done with that money, in any case. Much of it awaiting a real launch of a new site.

What we are planning is to move PIXELS into the Amazon S3 cloud, all twenty-five thousand images. It will become a permanent curated archive of the history of iPhoneography. The only one that exists.

We will, at the same time, launch a new site, probably P1xels.com which I own and am not using, and this will be the daily site. Users will have their own profile pages. We may also offer prints for sale off the new site. I imagine this would be an opt-in thing. We will have forums, since there seems to be a great desire in the community for this.

I want to do this, very much. I am going to ask for support after all this time. It will be totally voluntary. The day-to-day aspect of PIXELS will not change, although the submission process will go back to closer to how it used to be with the Pixels app.

Moving the site will cost money. As will setting up the new site I’m not sure what the new monthly costs are, probably not more than they are now. I hope. But it would be nice to not have to go out of pocket anymore.

So, this is my question I want to pose to the community: which form of support would make the most sense: a monthly flat donation, small donation per post, i.e., five cents, or a small donation per daily pic. This last one might sound odd, but sometimes I spend two hours on it, looking for the right music and poetry/text. Silly of me, but I get lost in the moment. It’s one more thing completely unique to PIXELS.

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