Originally published March 8, 2012.

Max T. Frame produced some of the most sensual figurative art the I have had the privilege to post on Pixels.

In a discotheque at dawn
Is when it came to me
I’d been ravin’ through the night
Lookin’ for some company,
It was the Mambo talkin’
It’s got a lot to say,
‘Do you come here often?’
‘Do you wanna play?’
The hitchhike into Paris
And zigzag by the Seine
The Hollywood moment
I’ll never be the same
You can dance
There’s a world awaiting
Way beyond the sea
How I love to travel
Baby will you come with me?
You can dance
Jump on the table
Slide down the pole
You can wear your sable
You can bare your soul
Through Reno down to Vegas
The casinos never close
To the movers and the shakers
The Tango never knowsYou can dance
You can dance
You can dance
You can dance dance dance dance
You can dance dance dance dance
I need some inspiration
I’ve got a lot of time to lose
You can dance

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