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I received a batch of pictures from Kata Maler, who, along with husband and P1xels’ artist Butow Maler, runs the Gallerie OutOfMyMind in Bremen, Germany. I salute and thank Kata and Butow for doing an incredible job in putting together the Bremen leg of the P1xels show, THE THIRD WAVE! The opening looked like so much fun, I wish we all could have been there.

And here is a note from Kata:

The opening day here in Bremen was wonderful!  There was so many visitors – the gallery was nearly overflowing – and we had a very good time together.
The visitors were very interested and excited at the same time and they asked a lot about the pictures.
Before we open the exhibition a journalist was there and we will get an article in the newspaper Weser-Kurier.  She also was very interested.
(The Weser-Kurier is the most popular daily newspaper here in Bremen.)
Now,  all it`s fantastic!
Knox, i wish you and your family all the best for the new year!
(Sorry for my bad english. :-) )

Best regards, Kata