Here is the Markham Show, photographed in fading light late in the day, yesterday. We worked four solid days cutting mats, framing pictures and then hanging them yesterday at the Markham Vineyards Gallery/Wine Tasting Room. Upstairs is a wonderful retroactive of Baron Wolman’s Rolling Stone magazine covers.

This show could not have gotten hung without the help of Egmont van Dyck, Yoni Mayeri, Candace Nirvana, and Marie Smith and Heather at Markham.

I will take better pictures in better light on Wednesday, when I go up to make adjustments in alignment, etc., and work on some promo material with the winery.

There will be an artists’ reception on Saturday, April 18, starting at 1 in the afternoon.

Many thanks to all the artists and everyone else who have supported the creation of this show, including the folks at El-Co Color Labs, who did the wonderful and brilliant photo printing for the show.

I am going to relax today.