Hi All-

Sorry, I know you can’t browse the site with PixelEx right now. This is a side-product of the hacking attacks which have recently taken place.

The reality is that we need a fair amount of money for both the PixelEx developer (for recent and upcoming work) and for the guys who are helping port the site to a new ISP, with a lot of added features.

This is why I attempted the short-lived buy-my-music-at-any-price campaign. Fail. Not epic fail (well maybe), but fail, nonetheless (thank you to those of you who bought music!). And now I have the donate button and am going to set up a voluntary subscription plan in the next couple days. Please give generously!

It will all sort itself out. All the bugs will be addressed. Of that I have no doubt.

We get the best pictures from all over the world every day here, making P1xels the number one pure mobile imaging/art site on the web. Therefore, the most vibrant and exciting art site on the web.

Thank you all for that, every single day.