Hi all –

Very irritated about this. PixelEx uploads have not been working since around noon PST yesterday. My web hosting service, ZippyKid, the self-proclaimed best WordPress hosting service on the planet, is moving the site to another server and something they’ve done has affected the workings of  P1xelEx.

So, if you have uploaded an image since that time yesterday, you will have to resubmit it when the situation is corrected. My apologies. I had no idea this move would effect the functioning of the site.

For the meantime, please hold off submitting images until this is straightened out.


UPDATE (Friday 9 pm PST): I have sent support requests both the ISP and the PixelEx developer to figure out what is wrong. It should be very simple to fix, once they pay attention to it. Once again, my apologies.

I am publishing some images that missed their publication times some months back so that we can have a little fresh content.



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