It’s too big and too beautiful for modern day publishers run by bean-counters, so I did the next-best thing, turned it into a iBook.

PIXELS AT AN EXHIBITION documents the unexpected emergence of a new art form for the twenty-first century, inspired by the iPhone, its limited camera and buggy apps, to create a new kind of magical realism. Combining camera and darkroom, canvas and paintbrush in one tiny device, the iPhone engendered the rise of a global art movement, echoing Alfred Stieglitz’s pictorialists of a century earlier.

PIXELS AT AN EXHIBITION features 167 pioneering artists from around the world and over 600 images (2009-present) curated from the 33,000 images on the Pixels at an Exhibition website, many available nowhere else.

Release date is September 1st.

370 pages. Written by Knox Bronson. Foreword by Alexis Madrigal. Curated by Knox Bronson and Maia Panos.

Only $14.95! Available for pre-order now!