It was May 6, 2010. We were in the process of finalizing the selection of images to go into the OakBook Gallery show. Images continued to pour in from all over, and I was happily publishing them, often sorry that the call for submissions had long since closed.

Three pictures arrived that day, from a new artist, Joan R. Bada, and caught my eye. Entitled “Cisterna,” an old country tower, “Palomas,” a seemingly ancient stone wall, and “Marina,” a colorful abstract of sorts, the images were laden with mystery, romance, and old-world permanence.

Over the next few days, Joan sent in more pictures and I was simply stunned by the power of the images, full of heart and wisdom and poetry. He took pictures of people, and of the countryside, of sheep, and barrels, of tools, and more people, and his pictures had music and life just coursing through them. They were great shots to begin with, and, in the finest traditions of iPhoneography, Joan was not afraid to app them heavily to bring out a deeper truth. When I look at Joan Bada’s pictures, two words come to mind: heart and soul. Thank you, Joan, for sharing your beautiful work with us here at Pixels.

Before I go, I want to thank Aik Beng Chia once again for his wonderful contributions to this site and to our community at large. Aik Beng, you bring much life and joy wherever you go and your pictures are wonderful. We look forward to many more. Thanks again for your tenure as Featured Artist for July, 2010.

Here Joan Bada is in his own words.

My name is Joan Ramon Bada. I am 49 years old, I am married and the father of a daughter. I’m from Vilalba dels Arcs, a small town in Catalonia (Spain), west of the Mediterranean sea dedicated to viticulture. Hence my profession is that of winemaker.

The other passion of my life is the photography, that’s for  I’m dedicated  to it professionally.

I love photographing people and landscapes around me. And I like the post-treatment image, the black and white photography.

I started working with film cameras, even had my laboratory revealed in black and white. I started with  digital photography using the digital retouching with different programs that were at my fingertips.

I found the photo with the iPhone around now six or seven months ago, looking at photos from other photographers on Flickr and on “Pixels at an Exhibition” and, I found that opened a whole new area to explore. With the iPhone I could get into a more creative world where I can contribute more to the picture of me and where I find every day new creative possibilities. And especially when photographing the power to capture images in the spontaneity of the moment.

You can find my photos at  and to. I want to thank all those of whom I learned,  much iPhonographers have helped me to discover this wonderful world. And you Knox, for giving me this great opportunity to share with you my photos.

You are welcome, Joan. It is you who is to be thanked, however.