I am in the process of withdrawing from Facebook. This will include the Pixels page, my music page and my own profile page. Facebook is not our friend. I hate what social media has done to the iphoneographic art movement and the impact it has had on this site.

We are in the early stages of building a new photography and art studio & gallery in Oakland. I will be creating an Indiegogo campaign to help defray construction costs. When that happens, I hope I can count on those of you who are still on Facebook to promote the campaign there!

A couple of things I will have in the studio for iphoneographers: 1) umbrella, softbox, and other lights that are continuous, not flash; 2) an Epson 4880 8-color printer for archival prints; 3) I’m thinking workshops in figurative photography for iphoneographers. Basically exploring retro lighting. I guess I’d have to allow camera photographers as well for those.

Stay tuned, as more will be revealed in the coming days and weeks.

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