Hi All-

I am suddenly receiving a deluge of images with thick borders and frames. I will not publish them. Please do not waste my time by submitting them.

I wrote about this a couple of times over a year ago, pissing lots of people off, like I’m sure this article will, and I guess I should put something in the submissions guidelines.

If you want a frame on your picture, please print it and frame it and hang it on the wall. Heavy borders and frames take up valuable real estate on the page and, almost without exception, pull the eye out of the image: a huge ugly distraction.

Please crop your pictures before submitting to remove the frames. I posted picture recently where I had removed the big black border which ruined the image. Wrote to the guy who shot it. He accused me of censorship. I took down his picture, since he didn’t like it. I am not censoring: I just will not publish ugly on P1xels.

As a rule of thumb (I don’t hate ALL borders and frames): the less obtrusive the border or frame, the better. Use your eye: it will tell you if the border/frame is detracting from the picture on which you worked so hard.

Here are the articles from before. Please read them, esp. if you are new to the site:



Thank you! —Knox