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I get images all the time with wide frames and borders. I’ve said it before and I think it is worth saying again: crop them out! Almost every day, I get a picture that I really like from someone and I download it, crop out the frame, send it to him/her and show them how much better it looks without the frame. I let some slide, out of lack of time.

Bold, wide black frames just pull the eye out of the image. Of course, the marketing geniuses at Hipstamatic love that: they want you to be more aware of their products than of the person who took the picture. Pixels is about YOU, not some app developer.

Even wide beige and yellow frames simply take up too much real estate on the screen. You want a border/frame around your picture? Print it and matte it & frame it!

Once in a rare while frame add something to the image … usually a very thin edge to the picture. And the sprocket frames every so often work well. Occasionally, the “polaroid” frame works, as in Kristin Suthard’s “Bloons” picture. But it definitely to be considered picture by picture.

I am suggesting you look at your picture with the frame and try cropping out the frame and compare. When in doubt, crop the bastard out!

Okay, that’s it for today’s rant.

On another note: the level of work coming in lately has been simply amazing. Saturday morning, there were ten or fifteen images in a row, each of which easily could be the Daily Pic. I didn’t pass on one of them. That has never happened before.

Keep up the great work! –Knox