I got a very considerate email from Adam Mead (I hope he doesn’t mind me sharing it here)

Hey there Knox!

Just wanted to reach out and say how much your site still means to me as an anchor of creative output of so many! It has been and continues to be a place i value and look forward to see new content landing and what’s being generated by others and a place to load my own adventures in creative endeavors with my phone. And the book is/was another artifact of great value. To hold an actual printed book matters to me, and that you threw so much of yourself into it is not lost on me.

I also know the feeling of bewilderment when things you hold in high value are not seen in similar light by others.

Hoping you keep keeping it all going!

Thanks, always!


Pixels is not going anywhere! I cherish the artists who post their work here.

Happy Sunday.