Rosanna Cappiello ~ Untitled

Originally published March 14, 2014 on Tumblr.

We do not want to rock the boat,
you say, mistaking our new poise
for something safe.

We smile secretly at each other,
sharing the reality that for some time
we have not been in the boat.

We jumped or were pushed
or fell and some leaped overboard.

Our bodies form a freedom fleet,
our dolphin grace is power.

We learn and teach and as we go
each woman sings~ each woman’s hands
are water wings.

Some of us have become
mermaids or Amazon whales
and are swimming for our lives.

Some of us do not know how to swim.
We walk on water.

From the book Womanpriest: A Personal Odyssey by
Alla Renée Bozarth, revised edition 1988


Sunlight Zone by Sophie Hutchins