Trio ~ Roger Guetta

This week’s Second Look pictures, in no particular order (and for the record, there was one page that every single picture would have been appropriate for this list ~ always difficult to choose):

  1. Toronto ~ Tracy Munson. Great shining cityscape. Reminds me of a sci-fi paperback book cover from my youth, minus the flying saucers, Godzilla, or, sadly, the 50-foot woman.
  2. Flatiron ~ Shane Martin. Lovely. Echoes of Edward Steichen’s “Flatiron–Evening Camera Work 14”, the great pictorialist work from the early twentieth century. Wonderful article here about Pictorialism/iPhoneography/Pixels in the Atlantic Monthly, if you are interested.
  3. Trio ~ Roger Guetta. Simply a great shot. Vibrant, funny.
  4. Blink ~ Mel Harrison. Mel did something new with her eyeball. That is rare. I just like how this picture came together.
  5. Alienation: Look What Happens When You Do Not Listen To Me ~ Lene Basma. Lene is one of the few people who can do mannequin shots that I find intriguing enough to publish on a regular basis. I’m not quite sure how this image was put together, but I like the layering, the tiny figures in the background, the animal head. Implied intrigue.
  6. Delirus ~ Johnny Ecko. Wow.
  7. Bankrupt Sl*t ~ Jessy Menchacha. Love this. It’s bold, wild, funny, and sexy as hell.
  8. House Visit ~ Jeanette Serrat. Very sweet. I imagined myself sitting on the porch in the quiet morning, having coffee with someone I really like. Don’t know why.
  9. 1954 Corvette ~ David Ramsey. Clean, graphic, bright.
  10. Bears On The Wing ~ David Capponi. I’m not sure where the bears are. But I love the crackling sky & the heavy saturation.
  11. Calm ~ Catriona Donagh. I wanted to make this the {daily pic} a couple times, but it was too close, stylistically, to a couple other pictures. But this is simply perfect. And calm. If Brian Eno could ever undo the Faustian bargain he made in producing U2 and was able to make the kind of music he did thirty years ago once again, this would be a perfect cover for “Music For Seaports.”
  12. I am touched but not broken by the wave ~ Catherine Restivo. Love the playfulness, the colors, the motion, the exhuberant explosion of energy and positivity.
  13. Caballero ~ Roger Clay. Poetry of the rugged kind in black-and-white.
  14. American Life 2 ~ David Schuster. Irresistible. This week’s cutest animal pic.
  15. Winter Horse 2 ~ Adria Ellis. Another tone poem from Adria. Wistful, muted, sepia minimalism. I love the plant stalks in the foreground. Just lovely.

There you have it.

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