Verletzt - Christian Greiller

I don’t what I was thinking when I started this feature. Other sites do weekly and monthly “best-of” galleries, which is easy, because all they are doing is separating the chaff from the wheat. Here on Pixels, that has already happened: no chaff here. I got up to twenty-one pictures without even trying … really don’t want to publish more than twelve or fifteen images for this feature, otherwise I may as well just republish the whole week of pictures!

So I had to cut six pictures. NOT easy.

I assure you that this is a challenge I am happy to face every Sunday night!

Herewith, in no particular order, a list of this week’s {second look} images.

  • Dusk.In Color ~ Cathy Ross. What I like about this picture is that it looks like the cover to a book that could either be a horror story or a kinky bodice-ripper, like a dream where you don’t know which way it’s going to go: really good or really bad.
  • Up All Night ~ Cat Morris. Love the bold graphic style. I just finished reading The Philosophy Of Andy Warhol (a strange book, recommended but not as recommended as Popism by Warhol), so maybe this picture resonated a little more for that reason.
  • Verletzt ~ Christian Greiller. This is just disturbing and unforgettable and perfectly apped.
  • Dead Stop ~ Christopher Swink. A beautiful and moody collision of sky, clouds, and machine.
  • Spring Regatta ~ Cindy Patrick. A lovely moment captured, the breeze on the water, grass in foreground, sails full in the distance, billowing clouds huddling on the horizon separated from the green lake by a stand of oaks on the far shore.
  • Shoreline ~ David Schuster. A simple and beautiful land/waterscape.
  • Engine 14 ~ Emanuel Faria. Love the bold colors here, the flag, the fire station. I love the way all the different elements, like the ornamentation on the building, just pop out. The slight grungy vignetting around the edges to emphasize the flag and the bright red door – this is emblematic of what I consider the magical realism of iphonic art. It’s what we do when we do it right.
  • Fallen Idol: Forgotten Prague 2 ~ Andrew Proudlove. Just a strange picture: the classic statuary defiled by hip-hop culture. I know: graffiti is just as valid an art form as greek statuary. I am buying into the patriarchal and racist value system of dead white European guys if I think otherwise. So be it. You may note I don’t post a lot of graffiti pictures on Pixels. There is a reason for that. This juxtaposition says it all. Great framing and apping, btw.
  • jeudi saint ~ Jean-Christophe Polgar. A nice bit of skewed interior architecture. Surreal. Old world, yet … off the hook.
  • Incoming ~ John Mallon. Cool and playful.
  • Canine Kinetics ~ Mark Daniels. Not sure where the dog is in this picture, but I have been looking at it for days. Lovely composition, movement, and color.
  • Spring A-calling ~ Roger Guetta. A really amazing shot of a flower bed, daisies cascading like a river through the frame.
  • Connection ~ Rosanna Cappiello. A most touching glimpse at a most tender of moments.
  • The Dancer 5 ~ Therese Cherton. Wonderful shot, love the apping … this guy looks so cool on the pavilion. You just know he can move.
  • Waxing Moon ~ Shirley Drevich. Well, this one is like an illustration in a great children’s book: simple and mesmerizing. The moonglow. The blossoms on the bare branches. The silhouetted geometry of the branches framing the tiny moon. Amazing.