Pretty In Pink by Kris Torma

Once again, a daunting task to pick these images … too many excellent works to choose from. Thank you, all.

This Week’s picks, in no particular order:

  1. Ghostrider by Teri Lou Danztler
  2. Cannon Ball Flower by Shirley Drevich
  3. Winter Color by Shane Martin
  4. Grand by Roger Guetta
  5. LA Lady by Olive Charlene
  6. The Thought of You by Lanie Heller
  7. Pretty In Pink by Kris Torma
  8. Anitidae by Jahsharn
  9. Underground Living by Hans Borghorst
  10. Into The Mystic by Cindy Patrick
  11. Chepstow by Chris Bryant
  12. White Kiwi by Andrew B. White

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