Robert and Edina Herold

It was June 2, 2010. We were halfway through the Oakbook Gallery show, already blown away by the very recent arrivals of Joan R. Bada, Ramona Gillentine, and Aik Beng Chia to the Pixels site. A batch of pictures came in from a newcomer, Robert Herold. Three of them were shadow-shots, one of which we published (a rarity here on Pixels), but there was clearly an artistic vision behind  the pictures.  The next day a few more came in from Robert Herold as well. We noted his work as containing much promise.

Not much came in from Robert for a while, but then an “Edina” Herold began sending in some wonderful pictures and Robert began submitting again. I wrote to her and asked her to be sure to register on the site and also, was she related to Robert Herold? She wrote back and said that Robert was her husband.

Lost Eden ©2010 Edina Herold

Since that time, it has been a joy to watch the work come in from these two amazing artists. Edina had a recent picture, Lost Eden, that Maia Panos took one look at and said was the best picture she had ever seen. After that, Maia announced that she was quitting making art because Edina’s work was too good and she would never measure up. Luckily, Maia has calmed down. Maia’s immediate reaction was indicative of the level of work that both Edina and Robert create: romantic, timeless, sometimes surreal, always touching, often mysterious, and always beautiful.

Every month I struggle to pick a “Featured” artist. It is so difficult because so many are so deserving! (I will get to you all!) So this month I thought I would be clever and ask Edina and Robert to join us as Featured Artists at Pixels. Following is a word from the two about their work.

And, of course, we would like to thank Sr. Joan Ramon Bada for all of his work and his stay as Featured Artist last month: we will always look forward to his new work as long as he is happy to share it here. Gracias, Joan.

Our names are Edina Herold aka HeDyna and Robert Herold aka HerRo. We are from Hungary, and our hometown is Pécs, which is a very exciting historic city!  We are 36 (Edina) and 43 (Robert) years old. We live with our kids and with our dog.  We found out about our passion through pictures relatively early. We dealt with painting (Edina) and analog photography (Robert).

Flying Out ©2010 Robert Herold

We got our iPhones in 2009, but we used its camera quite rarely. Usually our 7 years old daughter made photos with the iphones. At the beginning of 2010 one of us stumbled into a website with photo applications for iphone. We found ourselves infected with iphoneography in a few weeks. We were amazed by the opportunities of iphoneography, which were demonstrated by the artistic pictures of iphoneography community, and by the websites like Pixels, Life in LoFi, Iphoneography blog.

Despite the fact, that we spend a lot of time together, we rarely make photos from the same scenes. We have very different viewpoints, which is reflected in our pictures. Usually we meet with the pictures of the other after posting to Flickr. However, taking pictures and talking about iphone photography became an inherent part of our life. Considering the obsessional nature of iphoneography, this is a special experience to share this passion. It means a double inspiration for both of us.

Iphoneography means a new look to the world for us. Beautiful and important things are around us, which are usually unnoticed. As the iPhone is always with us, we can take photos whenever the moment comes. The capturing of these may help a better understanding of our life. We rediscovered these important things and moments through the lens of the iphone. That is why both of us are keen on postprocessing. During the treatment phase we can unfold the inner essence of the photos.

It is a great pleasure to be a small part of this emerging art form, which is called iphoneography. The photos of  the community amaze us as well. The pictures of fellow iphontographers give a new look for the world around us, which is nearly an ontological experience.

You can see our photos at Flickr: (Edina) (Robert) and at Posterous: (Edina) (Robert).

We would like to thank the support of our Flickr and Facebook friends, and of course thank you very much Knox for the opportunity to be a featured artist at Pixels!