Miami iPhone Artist Shirley Drevich launches a new show at the Coconut Grove Arts Gallery in Coconut Grove, Florida, on Saturday, March 2, at 7 p.m.

Shirley Drevich is having an exhibition of her iPhone Art called “iSee” at the Coconut Grove Arts Gallery in Coconut Grove FL, opening Saturday, March 2.

Perception is the underlying element in Shirley Drevich’s photography and is heightened by the iPhone’s technology.    It enables her to observe, record, and most importantly transform images, using software for the iphone to transform color, light, texture, and ambiance.  This work is her “app dance,” an intuitive process married with technology.  The iPhone helps make the real super-real and transforms the super-real into art.

She is exhibiting along with her husband, Richard Medlock who will be displaying his Sculpture -” Works from The Still Fountain Series”.  They work in completely different media but their artwork complement and enhance the environment in which they are housed and reflect their appreciation of the nature of things.

I couldn’t resist.

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