I want to apologize for the recent site outages here. I wish I could say all is well, but I do not trust the ISP, Zippykid, to fix the underlying issues anymore. I moved the site there at the end of 2011, after a series of malware attacks due to vulnerabilities at MediaTemple took PIXELS down several times a day over a course of three or four days in August of that year. Those attacks damaged the huge (250 megabytes!) database that is PIXELS very badly and much of the time spent in the past in launching the new site was devoted to cleaning up this unexpected disaster.

So we moved PIXELS to Zippykid, thinking they were the way to go. For one thing, it was a flat $25/mo., whereas charges on MediaTemple could sometimes spike to $200/mo. depending on traffic. Also, Zippykid claimed to be THE BEST WordPress ISP. What can I say? We believed the hype.

As soon as I can, i.e., after I get the Preview issue of iPhotographer Magazine up on the Apple Newsstand (yes iPhotographer is coming back, better than ever!), I will be hiring site-moving specialists to move PIXELS into the Amazon S3 Cloud and the front end of the site to WPEngine.

And hopefully, at that time, we can finally roll in all the new features, or at least some of them to start, and new design for the site. It’s going to be a very different site.

An another note, back in 2011, I registered P1xels.com and built a site to sell prints, signed prints. It didn’t work! And then we decided to move PIXELS to P1xels.com when we changed over. That is when I started to use P1xels as the site title, etc., for the purposes of “branding,” whatever that means.

But it’s been three years. I see no reason anymore to move the site from http://pixelsatanexhibiton.com. We five years of incoming links and referrers that could become useless or mangled. So PixelSatanExhibition it shall remain.

We may or may not use P1xels.com for something else (probably email as we are now, since Zippykid didn’t offer mail servers and everyone uses info@P1xels.com or whatever anyway now.)

My question: Since we aren’t moving to P1xels.com, I want to go back to using “Pixels—The global salon etc …” and forget “P1xels” with a 1 for an i. But lots of people contact me and refer to “P1xels”, so I’m taking a poll.

Do you have a preference for either Pixels or P1xels, or either one, as the site’s title?

[pollone id=”3″]

And for your enjoyment while you ponder the deep questions, is Evgeny Kissin playing Mussorgsky’s “Pictures at an Exhibition” in its original form for solo piano (before Ravel orchestrated it). Infinitely preferable to the orchestral version as far as I’m concerned.

Great Sunday listening!