King of the Road. The palatial AirB&B I stayed in when I went to see the Bowie Is exhibition in Brooklyn last July.

Herewith the text of a mass email I just sent out to all Pixels subscribers:

Depending on when you read this, I will be sending out three emails a week with links to recent posts, images, videos, articles on the site.
If you haven’t visited lately, Pixels is a little different. Of course we have the Pixels archive going back to 2009, always fun to explore.
We also have new section called “The Present,” which displays all the work coming in from users. I am curating the main site from that feed. I’m also plundering the past and reposting all kinds of stuff, simply because I am so happy the site is back up and I enjoy looking at all the work the community created over the past nine years. It’s really something.
And it’s a lot looser. Pixels is open to anybody creating work on his or her iPhone or iPad … or Android … why not?*
There are forums, but they are not being used yet. That would be up to you. For years I have heard people lament the loss of the forums. Well, you can have them again if you want. You can also create groups, just like on FB. Again, up to you!
For the record, I am done trying to make things happen. I tried to do so many things over the years, the Warhol show, to sell fine art prints, iPhotographer Magazine (twice!), and then the P1XELS Social Network …
I managed to fail at all of the above! Not for lack of effort and the best intentions.
As Mick Jagger sang in Angie, “They can’t say we never tried.”
Note to Mobitog: feel free to post the above in your forum so your users can slag me like they did when I sent my “I give up letter” two-and-half years ago. Always nice to the have the café artistes of the intertubes keeping an eye on things! Really keeps me on my toes.
I’m just going to go back to enjoying the site and whatever beautiful work that comes in, and all the work from the past. 
I truly love it all.
So if you are making pictures, please join us at Pixels. Or just come to browse and enjoy the Art of Now!

As always, yours,

*I should have expanded on this a lot more. Pixels is open to any art created on mobile devices, preferably iPhone or iPad, but that’s just my prejudice and privilege speaking! Collage, pics from a DSLR and apped on the phone, drawings, video, animation: all welcome, so long as final assemblage and processing takes place on a mobile device. That’s pretty clear, right? OK!

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