Marissa Guyton has written a somewhat confusing review of the OCCCA show at the New University site. While she is very complimentary about the work, I get the impression that she thinks it’s just the apps that are making the images.

It’s a strange thought that the words “iPhone” and “gallery exhibition” can coexist in the same sentence. But the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art manages to do it with ease for their “Pixels: The Art of iPhone Photography” exhibit. The photographs showcase the work of unrecognizable, average Joes like you and me and, as you could guess, all the photos were taken with an iPhone.

That being said, the photos at the exhibition are not what you would expect for iPhone photography. In other words, they look nothing like the photos the average person takes with an iPhone camera. Looking at them inspires the thought: how could these possibly have been taken with an iPhone?

The reason is that most of the photos are not photography in the typical sense. Many of them are abstract, and look even more like they could be drawings or graphic art. You may even have a hard time convincing yourself that they aren’t.

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By the way, thank you all you unrecognizable, average Joes and Josies … who make P1XELS the best art site on the web every single day. I have to say that phrase “unrecognizable, average Joes” made me laugh out loud.