Submission Registration

To post on this site, you need to be registered. To register, write me here with your preferred username and I will add you to the database. You will also received occasional mailings from the site, which you may opt out of if you so desire. Of course, your contact information will never be shared with anybody else.

Here are the specs for your submission to Pixels—The Art of the iPhone:

  1. You must be the creator and owner of the image copyrights. If you want to watermark your submission, fine, please do so tastefully, and if you are selected for a gallery show, we will ask for one without a watermark for printing.
  2. Format: Any standard format, size-wise, jpeg or png format off the iOS device is fine: rectangle or square. If you have pulled the pictures off the iPhone into iPhoto, fine, just do not modify them on the computer.
  3. Images preferably have been taken with iOS devices, but other ‘smart phone’ photos, i.e., are allowed. Someone called today and asked if she could send an image she took with an Android phone and apped on her iPad. It’s okay.
  4. We are now allowing images shot on DSLRs and other cameras, as well as scanned photographic prints, provided you are the person who shot the picture, which have then been edited on iOS devices. This is to simply acknowledge the reality and expand the definition of “mobile” photography today. We are still iOS-centric here, but we don’t want to deny a lot of great multi-platform work happening out there.
  5. No exporting to Photoshop on the computer for levels adjusting, for example. To clarify: using any application on the iOS (mobile) device itself to modify, enhance, manipulate the image IS permitted; exporting the image to a laptop or desktop computer for the same is not permitted.
  6. If we discover you have purposely submitted a photo that does not adhere to our guidelines, ALL of your photos will be removed from the site.
  7. Submit as many pictures as you want. Please do not send in five versions of the same image: we have to go through every picture. Edit yourself, send your best!
  8. For the time being, please email me to get registered on the site. We were getting a lot of spam registrations and I couldn’t figure out how to stop them.
  9. We strongly suggest that, if you must use really trendy apps, use them sparingly. Remember gated reverb on drums from the eighties.
  10. Lastly, I reserve the right to REMOVE UGLY FRAMES that are ruining otherwise beautiful pictures. For the first three years, I used to write to people first before doing this, but I don’t have time anymore. Consider this akin to an editor taking your beautiful prose and polishing it like a diamond. I have written about this several times on the site.

And here are the contractual issues surrounding your submissions:

  1. You will retain copyright of all images, but you are permitting us to display images on this website, print out and display images in a gallery or elsewhere and, if selected, to be included in a book or magazine of images produced by for no extra fees or royalties. We may also use images for promotional purposes.
  2. If we sell prints of your image at a gallery, which we have printed out, we will split the purchase price with you, fifty-fifty after print/frame cost and commissions.
  3. We will be selling prints off the site at some point. We will be asking you to enter into a mutually beneficial agreement at some point. Stay tuned.
  4. If we are able to license an image of yours to a third party, we will split the fee and/or royalties with you. We will collect and disburse the funds. Obviously, this will not happen without consultation with you and a written agreement.
  5. Any disputes over images will result in your image(s) being removed immediately from the website and the gallery. You may, at any time, ask us to remove, for any reason, images from website or the gallery. If your image has been chosen for the gallery show and inclusion in a book, you have up until the time we create the book to ask it be removed. If we have created and submitted the book, too late! Frankly, we can’t see why anyone would want to do this, but artists can get funny sometimes.
  6. Regarding Gallery Shows and Exhibits: The days are long passed where we can absorb the costs of mounting shows. While artists have been covering the costs of their prints for some time, I have yet to stipulate adjustments to costs, i.e., shipping and handling. This will change in the future. For example, for the last show we did at the Torpedo Gallery, my out-of-pocket shipping expenses were close to $200 and I have had no way to recoup it. In the future, I reserve the right to assess a surcharge on all participating artists for such unavoidable costs. Please remember that I handle all the arrangements, printing, shipping, PR, everything involved in these shows as together we push iphonic art into the public recognition at no cost to anybody. I simply cannot go out of pocket for shows any longer. If an artist takes issue with this, please do not submit works for consideration in future exhibits.

Upon registering and submitting your photos you, using the same email address, are declaring that your submissions meet our guidelines and you are agreeing to our terms.