To post on this site, you need to be registered. If you are already registered, you should be able to log-in. You may need to reset your password. It’s a pain since WordPress wants such long complex passwords, but your browser will remember it!

After you have registered, you can post pictures on your own page, which will feed into the section, “The Present.” I am curating the main gallery from there.

You will also received occasional mailings from the site, which you may opt out of if you so desire. Of course, your contact information will never be shared with anybody else.

Here are the specs for your submission to Pixels—The Art of the iPhone:

  1. You must be the creator and owner of the image copyrights. If you want to watermark your submission, fine, please do so tastefully, and if you are selected for a gallery show, we will ask for one without a watermark for printing.
  2. Format: please submit images in jpeg format. If you have pulled the pictures off the iPhone into iPhoto, fine, just do not modify them on the computer.
  3. Images preferably have been taken with iOS devices, but other ‘smart phone’ photos are allowed. Someone called today and asked if she could send an image she took with an Android phone and apped on her iPad. It’s okay.
  4. We are now allowing images shot on DSLRs and other cameras, as well as scanned photographic prints, provided you are the person who shot the picture, which have then been edited on iOS devices. This is to simply acknowledge the reality and expand the definition of “mobile” photography today. We are still iOS-centric here, but we don’t want to deny a lot of great multi-platform work happening out there.
  5. No exporting to Photoshop on the computer for levels adjusting, for example. To clarify: using any application on the iOS (mobile) device itself to modify, enhance, manipulate the image IS permitted; exporting the image to a laptop or desktop computer for the same is not permitted.
  6. If we discover you have purposely submitted a photo that does not adhere to our guidelines, ALL of your photos will be removed from the site.
  7. Submit as many pictures as you want. Please do not send in five versions of the same image: we have to go through every picture. Edit yourself, send your best!
  8. We strongly suggest that, if you must use really trendy apps, use them sparingly. Remember gated reverb on drums from the eighties.
  9. Lastly, I reserve the right to REMOVE UGLY FRAMES that are ruining otherwise beautiful pictures. For the first three years, I used to write to people first before doing this, but I don’t have time anymore. Consider this akin to an editor taking your beautiful prose and polishing it like a diamond. I have written about this several times on the site.

And here are the contractual issues surrounding your submissions:

  1. You will retain copyright of all images, but you are permitting us to display images on this website, print out and display images in a gallery or elsewhere and, if selected, to be included in a book or magazine of images produced by for no extra fees or royalties. We may also use images for promotional purposes.
  2. If we sell prints of your image at a gallery, which we have printed out, we will split the purchase price with you, fifty-fifty after print/frame cost and commissions.
  3. If we are able to license an image of yours to a third party, we will split the fee and/or royalties with you. We will collect and disburse the funds. Obviously, this will not happen without consultation with you and a written agreement.
  4. Any disputes over images will result in your image(s) being removed immediately from the website and the gallery. You may, at any time, ask us to remove, for any reason, images from website or the gallery.You will still be liable for gallery print costs. You will have to remove your own pictures from your page. We will remove any posts from the main timeline of posts. Since they will no longer exist, we will not delete tweets with your images on Twitter, since the Twitter posts no longer link to anything on the website.
    If we have created and submitted the book, too late! Frankly, we can’t see why anyone would want to do this, but artists can get funny sometimes.
  5. Regarding Gallery Shows and Exhibits: The days are long passed where we can absorb the costs of mounting shows. While artists have been covering the costs of their prints for some time, I have yet to stipulate adjustments to costs, i.e., shipping and handling. This will change in the future. For example, for the last show we did at the Torpedo Gallery, my out-of-pocket shipping expenses were close to $200 and I have had no way to recoup it. In the future, I reserve the right to assess a surcharge on all participating artists for such unavoidable costs. Please remember that I handle all the arrangements, printing, shipping, PR, everything involved in these shows as together we push iphonic art into the public recognition at no cost to anybody. I simply cannot go out of pocket for shows any longer. If an artist takes issue with this, please do not submit works for consideration in future exhibits.
  6. Upon registering and submitting your photos you, using the same email address, are declaring that your submissions meet our guidelines and you are agreeing to out terms.


  1. Cathleen

    Hoping this is where to register for your website.

  2. Roger Guetta

    That’s a very interesting question Karin is posing, of which I ams very much interested in researching, because the Sony Qx100 is a camera not just a lens.

    It’ll up the pixel count for confident cropping and printing options, but although it is made to attach to the iPhone it is a really a separate camera, so the EXIF will show up as ‘Sony’ not iPhone.

    I think it’s time to rethink ‘purist’ iphoneography’ as technology evolves, me thinks?

    Here are some specs:

    The Cyber-shot DSC-QX10 and its higher-end linemate, the QX100 , are essentially compact cameras redesigned for people who’ve forsaken standalone cameras for their smart phone’s.

    The cameras wirelessly link to your smartphone (or tablet if you want) via a direct Wi-Fi connection and, with the help of Sony’s PlayMemories Mobile app (for now, at least), let you use your device as a viewfinder and interface for the camera.

    Because of the way they look and physically attach to your smartphone, it would be easy to mistake them for some sort of add-on lens that works with your smartphone’s built-in camera, magically combining all the strengths of its shooter with the power of a zoom lens.


    In my mind, because I am an essentially ‘post-producton’ heavy artist who prints for gallery shows……. more megapixels to work with makes sense.

    So…….. what is a purist to do, I ask?


    • Roger – thank you for the information. This is a day I have been dreading since mid-2010. And my head hurts thinking about it. More to follow.

  3. Chase Brock

    I’ve imported my photos into Lightroom. No edits besides cropping.

    Before I submit, should I re-crop in app such as vscocam?


    • Chase – this is one place where it’s easy to draw the line. Please do your cropping on your iPhone for submissions to P1xels. The core philosophy of P1xels, which basically defined iphonic art with the help of Apple, is to work within the limitations of the device. And a core belief is that that [the limitations] is where the beauty comes from.

  4. Karin

    I sometimes use the external lenses from sony (QX10 and QX100) with my iPhone. Do they count as DSLR or are they allowed?

    • Perfectly okay to use fancy lenses on the iPhone. See the article I just posted (I think I posted it back in 2009 as well, but can’t find it!).

  5. Tracy Mitchell Griggs

    This site is accepting uploaded images but a message here says it is not working and to email. Confusing.

    • Knox Bronson

      Well, I have a message at the top of the front page of the site and here in guidelines – I do not know what else I can do to alert people that PixelEx is not working on this end, even if it seems to be working on the user end.

  6. Ava Naves

    Hi Knox,

    Ollo clip: is that cheating or not? I think it is.

    • Ava – it’s perfectly fine! But if you think so … don’t use it!

      • It’s not. Ava was just checking. I actually really like Olloclip lenses.

    • Please use the PixelEx app. I cannot keep up with email submissions any longer.

  7. Veronica Moloney

    Hi Knox I’m always impressed by the way you warmly welcome new artists into the community here. I’m still pretty new to this community of yours, though not to mobile photography. It’s a daunting move putting your art out there for the first time. Glad to see Ashley made the grade:-) Just thought I would say hello and thanks for what you do here for all of the mobile art community.
    Veronica Moloney

  8. Ashley Callaghan

    Hello Knox,

    I wanted to send an email to address my topic of concern, but couldn’t find an email address here on the site. So I thought this would be the best place to voice my interest and questions concerning becoming involved with your community here. I’ve been tinkering with iphoneography and iphone art ever since I got my first iPhone (about 6 months ago) and have so far only been posting on Instagram but am looking to branch out, as I’ve gotten some positive feedback there and am looking to really stretch my art as a whole. I learned of your community from Veronica Moloney who I’ve done work with and am currently doing work with. My questions are, I understand the concept of submitting work to this community (through the app PixelEx) but how do you become a registered or approved artist here (as mentioned above)? Any help is greatly appreciated :)

    Thank you,
    Ashley C.

    • Ashley – thanks for writing. There are no “approved” artists here, only “approved” art!
      If you look in the right column of the site, you will see a place to register.
      As far as contact email goes, has both email and a phone number! :)
      Please submit through P1xelEx (I think you can register with it as well). I look forward to seeing your work. —Knox

      • Ashley Callaghan

        Thank you, Knox! You’ve been very helpful. -Ashley

  9. Wayman

    Just to clarify so I don’t post incorrectly…i use my ipad sometimes and in artstudio i save all my pieces as .png. Do I need to upload all my works again and resave as jpeg? I take and edit all of my images using iphone4 but tweak at the end with art studio on ipad.

    • you can’t save as jpg out of artstudio? the only issue i have with png’s now is file size, but it’s okay if that is your only option. thanks for checking.

      • Wayman

        thanks , Knox yeah i can save jpeg but i have alwas saved as .png cause of the larger file size. Just thought it was better quality but could be wrong lol thanks again and i will be submitting works soon

  10. stef

    I apologize if this might seem like a ridiculous question, but…In creating photoMontage ( collage) if one is using all of their own photos, although not all taken with an iphone, is that acceptable?
    i know folks often use stock photos to create collage, however, my photos are my stock.

    • I do not allow images shot with a dslr camera, for example, or downloaded online, which is one reason I don’t like that app that puts the moon and/or planets in the picture. I know that some people use pictures of pictures in their montages, but as long as they are shot with with iphone and all the apping is done on the iphone, I generally do not mind. Due to copyright issues, I would prefer that people create all their own source material, but that is impossible, I suppose. However, the collage, the montage, etc., are long-standing artistic traditions. Look at Warhol’s source material, total copyright violations. But people didn’t care as much fifty years ago.

      • Stef

        Do not know what the moon thing is. Ok, since I prefer to use my own work for collage…I can take a photo of my photo using my cell phone, but only if my cell phone is an iPhone? …:) gotcha.
        Thank u

        • I have done everything in my power to set reasonable parameters for submissions, while still protecting, as much as possible, the purity of the medium, i.e., as Apple and I both agree,”iPhone art is work shot, processed, and created on the iPhone.” And the name of this site is “P1xels—The Art of the iPhone.” In other words, the medium is defined by the device itself. Sounds to me like you want to do something else.

          I know in the “real” photography world, Photoshop is de riguer and we fought some pretty bloody battles within the iphone art community two or three years ago to keep the medium from becoming a bunch of Photoshop sites.

          The main reason I don’t allow other platforms/devices is I can barely keep up with the iPhone work that comes in, as it is.

          That said, please feel free to submit your iphonic art to P1xels if it is created within the guidelines.

  11. How do I find my submission? or are you posting all the submissions or just certain ones? I can not find any of my submissions, thanks.

    • I post about 20% of what comes in to the site. Currently I am way behind, due to the Call For Submissions and the need to earn a living. :)

      • If you are talking about submissions for THE THIRD WAVE, I am not posting any of them in a public place. There is a password-protected site where the judges anonymously view and rate images. Hope this helps. If not, please write me directly Thank you.

  12. David Scott Leibowitz

    LOL !!! I read an early exchange about “Arto” and it reminds me of our conversation yesterday…so funny!

  13. Marianna Garmash

    I d like to know the following: I sent several photos using an iphone application, but got no feedback.
    How can i know whether my photos are ok for being presented on the site whether they are denied?

    best regards

  14. James

    Here is ta puzzle. Many times when I take a photo with my iPhone, use an app or two, then look at it in a program like PhotosExif, the exif data only shows the size and that it is a jpeg. What happened to all my iPhone data?? Any ideas.

    Also, Since I started shooting with the iPhone, and priority with a DSLR, some photos I have stored in my camera roll, and Photo Steam, are/were from the DSLR. Is there no way to use them, or parts of them, compositing them with my iPhone images? And still meet the criteria of your submission guidelines?

    I enjoy tremendously the P1xels site and do not wish to offend, or be blacklisted from submissions.


    • Knox

      Some apps strip EXIF data – it is unfortunate.
      At this point, we are on the honor system here, due to that. I have found images in the past that were shot with DSLRs.
      Iphonic art, as far as I am concerned, is comprised of pieces shot and processed on the iphone (or other iOS devices) only.
      We deal with, and struggle through, the limitations of the device that defines the medium. So, no DSLR photos apped on phone. No images downloaded from the internet. I even hate that app that puts the big moon and stars in place – I am certain they were not shot with an iphone – but I will publish images using it occasionally.
      “Much of the beauty that arises in art comes from the struggle an artist wages with his limited medium.”—Henri Matisse
      Thanks for checking.

      • James

        Thank you, that is pretty clear. I am going to look for an app tha will separate my older DSLR images from my iPhone/iPad images. With programs like Juxtaposer, and saving parts of images, it gets a bit confusing when the darn EXIF data gets dropped. );>)


        “Art is not about what you see, but what you make others see.” – Edgar Degas

      • James

        Well, no kidding. If the app drops the EXIF data, except for crop size I am perplexed as to “how it will burn you”?… Read my query Artois. But thanks.

        • Knox

          Never mind Arto. He often gets upset because I can’t figure out how to make the site stop sending him notifications of comments here. So this is tame compared to his usual comments. It’s my number one reason for wanting to launch the new site soon.

            I think Arto needs his medications adjusted. Arto: Due to ongoing malware attacks that began a year ago. the database of this site is compromised. I have tried everything I can think of to get the site to stop sending you email notifications when people post comments here. You did post a number of comments way back when, which is why you get them. Patience. I’ll have the new site up soon, and it will not be an issue any longer. But do see a doctor in the meantime. Or cut down on the vodka.

      • Arto: Well, no wonder you idiot. you have been writing to me from a different email from the one you registered with and of course you didn’t use your real name because you think you are some kind of clever and slick guy. So of course I could not find you in the database. Good going, slick. What a tool.

        It should be fixed now.

        You will be missed very much.

  15. Nancy Harp

    Hi Knox. What does it mean it one of my submissions isn’t showing the picture but it’s out on your blog as being there with my name.

    • Nancy – it means the database is so creaky that the picture isn’t appearing for reasons unknown- it showed up fine in the admin screen when I posted it. This site is broken. It’s way too big for the ISP. I will fix it – I know how, but this unfortunately happens fairly often these days. I’m sorry! Thank you for letting me know.

      • Nancy Harp

        Thank you Knox. Thought maybe Tude Girl gooped up everything with her muddy water. :)

  16. I just signed up on here and sent a few of my pics. I would be the first to admit that I am not really a true photographer. I take random shots and borrow images from the internet and process the elements with apps until I have something I like. I suppose I should get the hint if none of my images are accepted but I was just wondering if you are looking for purer photography.

    • Images borrowed from elsewhere are not permitted. The idea is that all images are shot on iOS devices and processed on iOS devices, so an image downloaded from the internet and apped on the phone would not be allowed. You are free to shoot a picture on your computer screen with your iphone and manipulate it. As far as “purer” photography, every image is considered on its own merits, nothing else.

  17. Nancy Harl

    Ok. How does one, meaning me, change my avatar?

    • There is a website you can put your avatar for other websites to grab it. I forget its name. Also, if you have an account at or .com … i forget which, this site will find it. Sorry I can’t be of more help. Maybe someone else can.

  18. iPhoto is now available, and presumably used, on iPhones/iPads. How does this affect submissions? I have at least one photo which was given a final tweak in iPhoto on the iPad! :)

    • Well, anything done on an iOS device is fine. Please identify it as an (iPad) image. Thanks.

  19. DeeAshley

    The first fellow spica user I’ve come across…, one of my very first app investments and still used all the time!! ;)

  20. DeeAshley

    I LOVE this! I’ve been working very hard on honing my iphoneography photo/art techniques and I’m always fascinated with any apps used, techniques, or just friendly advise that more advanced artists such as you guys, (or so it appears!) would be willing to provide. I hope I’m not overstepping my bounds since I just got here, but do you or is there a possibility that you can encourage a brief technique overview (or at least the apps used)? any resource suggestions are happily welcome too! I’m trying to expand my abilities, and do far it has worked… But I feel some frustration/stagnation creeping in… Any fresh ideas or techniques are eagerly looked into. This sounds right up my alley.., I’m definitely checking this out!
    Thank you!!

    • You can always ask artists in comments how they did something. Also, is a great source of app reviews. And iphoneographycentral has all kinds of tutorials (they have a banner ad in the right column on this site). Welcome.

      • DeeAshley

        Thank you! I am familiar with the former, but have not seen that last one you mentioned- ill take a look. Thanks again!

  21. Fabio D'Andrea

    I’ve 5 images on this great site sent from the iPhone app.
    Due to a bug in the application (apostrophe handling) my first post “time travel” got a wrong surname. In the other submissions I’ve changed my surname in “DAndrea” to avoid wrong char insertion from the app. Could you please change them? :)

    • Sammi

      Is it all right to submit here if I’ve submitted the same photo to other exhibitions?


      • Absolutely okay to submit pictures that you have placed elsewhere, so long as the other guidelines are adhered to, i.e., iOS device only, etc. Many contributors have their work on other sites. Thanks for checking! -Knox

        • Sammi

          Thank you so much, Know. Appreciate your getting back to me so quickly.

  22. Chris Lae

    “this is Hipstamatic speaking.” Not the artist who took the picture.

    Sorry Knox, but I disagree. No matter what tool was used in creating said picture, the picture still comes from the photographer. The camera, in this case the iPhone, is just there to help get the point across.

    • Chris – I just think Hipstamatic usually overpowers the image (and the artist) with its heavy-handed, never-changing imprints. I publish some Hipstamatic. And I publish some Hipstamatic that has been further apped by the artists. I just think people tend to get lazy with Hipstamatic, since it makes everything look so cool. And lazy/cool is not what this site is about. But Hipsta is fine for some images.

      • Chris Lae

        Once again, I agree with you. Which is why I have tucked Hipstamatic away into one of my 8, yes 8, photo folders on my iPhone. I started to use it WAY too much and crept further and further away from using my other apps. I just think that there are so many awesome shots taken with Hipstamatic only that don’t need to be apped any further simply because the composition and lighting lend a helping hand to Hipsta’s effects.

      • DeeAshley

        On the contrary! I use Hipstamatic as a sort of template- or starting point- as it seems to open up a lot of possibilities in conjunction with other apps, (I love hipstamatic with percolator, and then blending the results, using layers to chop out the sky and replace it with dramatic cloud cover or nighttime scenes to give it an almost surreal feel). If I want to go totally artsy, I sometimes play with the Dali lens and use that as a layer in another photo….! Those are only a few of an infinite amount of uses! :)

        • Knox

          Well, Dee, that is great. I heartily approve! :) You know the Hipstamatic hate it when people re-app hipsta pics, don’t you?
          What I’ve seen over time, or used to anyway, was that people got lazy with Hipstamatic. It made everything look pretty cool, even bad pictures. But that isn’t happening so much anymore … people are more like you … doing more to and with the pictures.
          I’m going to be rewriting submission guidelines very shortly and will probably edit this part substantially.
          Thank you for your input!

  23. wilder

    I ve aploded 2 pics by iphone, when and where can i see them, i dont understand this, im new on this site and app.

    • This is a heavily curated site. Most pictures that come in do not get published. A lot of people do not like this aspect of the site. Please read the curation article (upper right corner of site is the link). I forwarded one picture to the People category curator for her to decide on. The other, Patty, I passed on. Thanks for checking. Welcome to P1xels and thank you for your submissions. -Knox

  24. Bari Tarmon

    I am so amazed at the iPhone capabilities and the apps just keep getting better! I’m a designer and use Photoshop and Lightroom on my Mac, so having some elements of PS on my iPhone is so exciting. It helps that I’m familiar with layers and other properties of photo editing as I know what to look for in an app that I may not have with my existing apps. I love the infinite ways of creativity one has when one can not only photograph but edit in the field on the same tool. I never thought about the possibility of actually selling any of these photos, but I am curious if any will. Uploaded 2 so far. I am grateful for solid apps like Nik Snapseed PhotoForge2 and Retouch. There are some less worthwhile apps out there so it pays to check them out before purchasing.

  25. Richard Gray

    Latest customer reviews of the app aren’t exactly very enticing….

    • Very sorry. It’s broken, that’s why. It will be fixed shortly. When I can pay the developer to fix it. We had to make changes to the site to stop bot attacks that were bringing down the site several times a day, thanks to MediaTemple. In the fixing, we had to turn off a plug-in that works with PixelEx. So actually, it’s the site that is broken. Will fix asap.

      • Richard Gray

        Thanks Knox. Will keep an eye out for news on the app. And in the meantime will submit work within the limits.

  26. Great site guys looking forward to sharing and watching, cheers LJ from Oz

  27. I just signed up and submitted some images through my iphone. Is there a place I can see and keep track of what I have submitted? Also, can I upload them from the computer! You’d think I’d know this…

    • I’m sorry, but we are not that sophisticated. It is okay to upload from computer. But no editing ON computer of course.

      • I’m new to this site too. Where do I upload on this site from the computer?

        • You can upload pictures directly to the site using the PixelEx app … it’s the best way. Ignore the bad reviews – they were written when the site itself was broken, not the app. :) You can also email images to me at … but they can get lost in the shuffle that way.
          Either way, the site is curated and not every picture gets published!

          • Ok, Thank you. Just uploaded one. My first!

  28. I cannot believe it took me this long to discover you. I’ve been a huge proponent of iphoneography since day one of owning an iPhone. I even teach workshops on how to better use your iPhone for journalism, etc. SO glad I am here now!

  29. Benjamin Keeling Vic


    I know you've probably got alot on your plate at the moment with galleries and whatnot but…

    A while ago I submitted a HDR'd photo of 3 logs and cheekily called it 'Knox Bronson and Atombee are really Cool'…

    And I just saw it on the random images section but when I search either my name or the name of the shot nothing comes up…

    Any ideas?

    Can I just resubmit the shot?

    • Benjamin Keeling Vic


      Just read what Linda Schenck asked.

      Never mind,I just assumed only accepted shots would be on that random images thingy.

      • I wish that were the case. Hopefully in the new site.

    • I remember that. I just thought the title was so weird. Still do. atombee comes from an old piece of music I wrote, Flight of the Atom Bee. Resubmit, please. I thought it to be an interesting picture.

  30. iPhone Fotog

    Dear Mr. Bronson,

    I am confused.

    You state: We strongly suggest that, if you must use Hipstamatic, use it sparingly. We want the pictures that reflect YOU, not Hipstamatic. I highly recommend further apping Hipstamatic shots to reduce the cookie-cutter imprint/filtering Hipstamatic imposes on images.

    But then you come up with this quote that says: "Aim well, shoot fast, and app that bitch until it sings." — Knox Bronson.

    Kind of a contradiction, wouldn't you say?

    Why do you hide behind your apps? Is it because you know that without them, your iPhone photographs are truly works of amateur and below-average shit?

    Delete this comment if you like, but if you're all that you say you are, you will leave it in tact and respond with a true answer.

    Your thoughts?

    • Delete this comment? I don't delete any comments. I welcome comments such as yours.
      First off, Hipstamatic does not allow people to app pictures in the same way that, say, EffectTouch, or PhotoFX, or even Lo-Mob, do. Hipstamatic generates such an over-powering imprint on most (note I say most) images that the artist's personality is lost: all that is left is "this is Hipstamatic speaking." Not the artist who took the picture. I have written to many artists in whom I detected a good eye for composition, but whom were lost in the Hipsta matrix, to ditch the app and explore other apps. Almost without exception, I have received thank you notes, and have subsequently witnessed amazing growth with said artists. Hipstamatic seems to me to be sort of iphonographic karaoke, kind of a hipster affectation, not a true tool for individual expression, but rather an app used for tribal identification. Hipstamatic is a limited set of tools lazy people use to create the iphonographic equivalent of trip-hop for retards.
      Also note that I say "App that bitch 'til it SINGS!"
      Hipstamatic doesn't sing: hipstamatic dribbles.
      Are you beginning to understand the difference between Hipstamatic and real apps now?
      And on to your other remarks/questions:
      Oh yes, the amateur and below average shit without the apps question/statement. Well, I love the art on Pixels. It has come a long way in a short time and I firmly believe the existence of the site has had something to do with that. I love the artists. There are a number about whom I get excited when I see their names in the submissions emails. And I love my own work, too. I'm down to maybe two pictures a month, though, now.
      Someone else just accused me of having a strong bias towards post-production when I declined to print four of his daily walk-on-the-beach photo-blogging project. This was part of my reply, but it will serve to answer your question, I'm sure.
      Here we go:
      Ansel Adams said if you get twelve good images a year, that's "a good crop."
      Pixels is not about blogging, or daily shots or any kind of process. I don't even like "concepts!" It's one image at a time. In fact I am encouraging all the artists to slow down, shoot more, app more if needed (or app less, if not needed), and post less. I want quality over quantity.
      Cartier-Bresson did not do his own printing, but he would make his assistants work for a week figuring out how to get the perfect print from a negative, using an enlarger, dodging, burning, and chemical solution timing. That is also "apping." Old school apping, but absolutely apping. So Cartier, too, had a strong bias towards post-production, after the decisive moment, of course. :)
      I am looking for magic, as in magical realism, for lack of a better term, not snapshots. I have looked at probably eight or nine thousand pictures this year. I have published 4,500, one at a time. If I had time, I would depublish a 500-1000 of them, easily, including at least a third of my own.
      *********************end of my reply to him
      So "apping," post-production, is endemic to image making. I've made my thoughts very clear about taking an image off the iphone elsewhere, so no need to go into them now. I love a crisp black and white shot, there are many on the site. Check out Ramona Gillentine. On the other end, look at what Maia Panos, and Jon Betts, and Andrea Mdos are doing … very heavily apped, amazing stuff that should be in museums … this is great art, vibrant and alive. Or Jaime Ferreyros or Joan Bada or Elena Herrero … lots of apping … look at the Sarah Remix project … a lot of apping of already beautiful nudes.
      And I have learned how to print these pictures quite well. And I have presented them to the public several times for extended periods. And I have seen first hand, more than any single person on the planet, how people react to this vibrant art form of ours when printed well and displayed with the respect due to both art and artist.
      It excites me to be a part of this global movement. The goal of Pixels is and has always been to take the art off the internet and get it into galleries, museums, and people's homes as framed art. I want Pixels artists to take themselves and their work seriously. This is an emergent art form and I believe that I have the shining core of the true pioneers posting on my site. That's what keeps me going.
      So … did I answer your questions? Do you have any others? Have you ever submitted to Pixels? Let's see what you've got, big boy.

      • iPhone Fotog

        Mr. Bronson,

        I don't see how you even take yourself seriously. Although you say "I want Pixels artists to take themselves and their work seriously".

        You take pictures of your cats, man. Come on. All you need now is a lovely Christmas sweater to got with it.

        There are so many other iPhone photographers run circles around your work.

        In your eyes, you're part of "the movement"? To most other people, you're a "set back" in that same very "movement".

        As for the other artists you mentioned. I've got nothing but love for each one you mentioned. But the problem is…THEY TOO run circles around your work.

        Maybe YOU should submit YOUR work to a contest or exhibit or two and see where it goes. Show them what you got, big boy.


        PS. Gonna leave THIS one up for public view?

        • Oh … you are insulting my work! It's not all Pixels artists you are dissing, just me. Are you looking at my cat blog that I haven't posted on in months?

          You don't like my art? Jeez, I think I will cry.

          But I think I will depublish a bunch of my work. I was just looking through it last night with Maia and saying I should get rid of a bunch of this. She agreed. I went through a period, like many people where I was just trying to produce too much work and it all suffered as a result. It's part of the growth curve, I believe, based on observation.

          Well, if you don't like my iphonography, maybe you will like my music. You can find me on iTunes. Under Knox Bronson.

          Jesus, I thought you were attacking all the artists and the art form, not just me. I wouldn't have wasted so much time answering you if I had known that.

          I don't know who you are and … surprisingly … I don't give a fuck! Feel free to send in more questions any time you want. I am here to serve.

        • You know, I just had a thought, iProngPhotog, you could be the Mr. Blackwell of the iphonographic world. You know, start a blog and do the "Ten Worst" lists every day or week or month or year. You know who Mr. Blackwell is, don't you?

          On another note, I just depublished about 50 pictures, almost half of mine. Glad I did. I knew they were weak. Thanks for the nudge, iProng!

        • Art Historian

          Dear i.F.,

          Hi, I do not know you personally but you did pique my curiosity. I don't know if you are aware of the incredibly interesting history of art, but I am.

          Artists such as Monet and Van Gogh were shunned by established salons and not considered real artists. The art elite considered everything from their subject matter to their play of light in their work, which deviated from the accepted norm, as simplistic, ridiculous, and basically not good…clearly those elite were mistaken.

          I do not begrudge you your dislike of Mr. Bronson's work, after all art is subjective, but you devalue your own point and appear as nothing more than a silly elitist when you take the time to come onto his site and crassly insult him in a manner that is really better saved for those at the bar…or any other place where those who aren't actually a part of anything of value for that matter…congregate, yelling loudly in the din, though no one is listening because the other patrons are too busy yelling about how they can't cut a break, are better than, or simply sit and cry because in their heart of hearts they know they have nothing to contribute and no one to listen.

          I do admit a bit of hesitation in calling you an elitist, perhaps that is unfair, to be an elitist you must actually have some kind of qualifications. What is your knowledge of art history or art? Do you hold a doctoral degree from a reputable university, are you educated in the long and illustrious history of which Mr. Bronson is a part? Or are you simply an angry person with nothing more to contribute than some ugly slurs and attempts at baiting a person who is clearly doing something interesting and evocative? perhaps I should not refer to you as an elitist, but simply a bully.

          Either way, Mr. Bronson is contributing to the greater good, he is contributing something that will live long after he is gone, however, someday you will cease to exist, leaving nothing of value, and you will be forgotten. How sad for you.


          Art Historian

          • Chris Lae

            “Either way, Mr. Bronson is contributing to the greater good, he is contributing something that will live long after he is gone.”

            I agree with you, sir. Knox has done a lot to help the iPhoneography community. What I don’t like is how you make it sound like he’s the only one contributing just because he has a site dedicated to this art form. I’m sure you’ve heard of Flickr? Have you seen the work that’s being produced on there? Amazing. Just like this site. Every single person that posts an image taken and processed entirely on the iPhone is contributing to this form of photography.

            “someday you will cease to exist, leaving nothing of value, and you will be forgotten.”

            Now that’s just rude.

            “when you take the time to come onto his site and crassly insult him”

            I tried to find some of your images in this site, but came up empty handed. Do you go by another name or are you just trolling the ‘net looking to put in your 2 cents?

        • gara

          hey now, cats are awesome creatures and worthy of photographing… IF you KNOW HOW! I have cats and I do know how!

  31. James


    I just wanted to ask again about the limit of submissions on your site. At the time of your last response, it sounds like you placed a limit of 5 total pictures per artist. However, I've seen a few artists who have many more than 5 pictures on your site.

    Has this limit now changed?


    • There never was a limit. I made the rule, never stuck to it! But if you want to submit a lot of pictures, please use PixelEx app … pictures submitted by email must be uploaded one at a time by hand.

  32. Linda Schenck

    i notice an image i subbmitted on this page of your web site, under random images. if this image isn't appearing when i do a search with my name does that mean it hasn't been accepted?

    thank you

    • Knox

      That is correct. This site is heavily moderated.

  33. Richard

    I was wondering howphotos get picked for apple store galleries and as a feature artist on the pixels blog?

    • Knox

      Well, are you a regular Pixels' contributor? That helps. A lot.

  34. Kevin


    My Flickr Photostream (website above) has all of my iPhonetography work. Can I just e-mail those to you from Flickr, or do I have to download them to my Mac, import them back into my iPhone using iPhoto, and then send them?

    Also, is there a reason why the app for submissions to this site isn't free?

    Thanks in advance

    • Hi Kevin- You can send them in however you want. Soon, registered users will probably just use the WordPress iphone app to upload pictures and manage their photots, or login as contributors.

      The reason PixelEx costs money is I didn't have any money for the developer and I was hoping he could make a few dollars for all his work on the app. I don't get any of the purchase price.

    • Knox

      you can email pictures, but i have a huge backlog right now.

      I didn't have any money to pay the developer, so we put a $2 price tag on PixelEx. He gets all the money. He's a really nice guy in Bosnia.

  35. Benjamin Vickery

    Hi there

    I just submitted two photos tonight.

    After playing around with film lab I decided I had to send in the new and improved version of the shot….

    I know in your guidelines this is frowned upon but I feel the second shot is much better and would really like it on your site…

  36. I do fingerpainting on my iPhone sometimes using an iphone photo as a start. How about submitting iPainting (completely done on iPhone)?

    • Well, if you start with a photo and do all the editing on the iPhone, that is well within the guidelines!

  37. Hey there…couple quick questions:

    1. Is there a particular subject line we should use?

    2. Do we put a title with each pic or can we send it without a name/title?

    3. Do I have to put my name at the bottom or any other identifying credentials? Or will my email addy connect to my account here and we're good to go?


    • If you can name the pictures with the title, great. If you want to send a sep email with titles, fine. If no titles, I just make them up.

      No subject line necessary. If it comes into the submissions@iphontography email box, we figure it is pictures for the show.

      Thanks for asking.

  38. so happy to knew this ,

    I just email my images to you

    thanks a lot


    • Slim. We are barely keeping up as it is. Maybe if we automate the process we will raise the number.

  39. Your submission guide lines are confusing…

    4: Submit UP TO 5 IMAGES. Please do not submit more

    5: Submit in batches of 5….

    So is it five max at a time or 5 max in total?


    • It is five max, although we are somewhat lax about that at this time. :) Originally, we were charging to submit, $5 for five pictures. Five more pics, five more dollars.
      When we went to free submissions, I guess the language got confusing as a result.
      We just don't want people sending 209 pictures. We want their best five or ten. Each image must be individually posted by hand.
      We are looking into automating the submission process.
      Thanks for writing. And the great pictures. -knox

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