Barbara has been on tear a lately, doing still lifes in Martha’s Vineyard. I believe she shoots them on the mantle in the house where she is living for a couple months, borrowing vases from friends for the sake of variety, color, and composition. I told her she should do a line of greeting cards. I know I’ve published a few of these already, but I thought it would be fun to put them all together in one gallery.

I want by Jordan Jace

I want to write poems for construction workers and dreamers
For revolutionaries
For deadbeats and those on the low
I never want to ask please fix us all
I want for us to want
to patch every heart
and pave every road
and destroy every system
that has ever left us
broken. I want to sing
like frank ocean, like wonder
like sonder, like mereba, like the sea
I want to recite the line
Took the wretched out the earth
Called it baby fanon,
I want to call someone baby.
I want to stop smoking because I want to live,
I can only love my comrades if I live,
and I want to clean my room,
I want to clean my room every week
and make my bed and put peppermint in my hair
to stop needing my inhalers
and to inhale solidarity, and to eat the rich,
I want to eat the rich, to cancel the rents,
to know my neighbors
and to know my neighbors
are safe. I want to move like water, to move
from unity to struggle to unity,
to have no perfect world we haven’t fought for.

Happy Sunday.

They played this last Saturday night on the KDFC Modern Music show (from 10 p.m. to midnight). I was transfixed. Hope you like it, too.

Alternative Energy (2011) — Mason Bates

This is composer Mason Bates’s super exhilarating symphony for electronica and orchestra in four movements, “Alternative Energy”. The work was commissioned by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, for whom Bates was then composer-in-residence. The piece takes you through various periods in time, as well as way ahead in the future. Beginning in a rustic Midwestern junkyard in the late 19th Century, the piece travels through ever greater and more powerful forces of energy — a present-day particle collider, a futuristic Chinese nuclear plant — until it reaches a future Icelandic rainforest, where humanity’s last inhabitants seek a return to a simpler way of life.

COMPOSER: Mason Bates
CONDUCTOR: Michael Tilson Thomas
ORCHESTRA: San Francisco Symphony

0:00 – I. Ford’s Farm, 1896 (an amateur fiddler invents a car)
7:08 – II. Chicago, 2012 (including the FermiLab particle accelerator)
13:02 – III. Xinjiang Province, 2112 (twilight on an industrial wasteland)
21:08 – IV. Reykjavik, 2222 (an Icelandic Rain Forest)