Grind me Nautica, Vic Tayback. Line chef para Alice arm hair, fore-sausage & anchor tat, snatch, a silvered chest, V- neck, sleep hard Weezy— Zebra-Jive-Turkey.
As in how do you do that? Glimpse, a tad, pecking the surface glaze, or Dove Men+Care. iNot be puppy breath, tan streak down the cheek, scar, or Bowie’s bass: VANILLA ICE
tricks a pompadour. Jim Carrey a detour, when slips the tongue. Airborne pellet in seltzer fizz. ED— 
father had a junk business…barrels 
of jimmied pistols…
they wouldn’t fire 
but they were good for kids.
ED ASNER by Renaldo V. Wilson

Daphnis et Chloé by Maurice Ravel

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