I was lost without a song without a melody
You came into my hotel life
You made my room a home
Ah now, mama, don’t you know what you done
Ah, you made the sunshine in the city 
Oh, you warmed my heart
You changed an old man filled with pity 
Back to a child again
Ah now, mama, can’t you see what you done
So tell me darlin’ if the feeling’s wrong
Don’t waste another day
Lord, the saddest thing I’ve ever known
Was to watch it die away
Ah now, mama, don’t you lie don’t you lie
Oh, how can my giving find the rhythm and the time of you
Unless you sing your songs to me
The smell of your sweet skin does entangle my dream
Oh may I stand here awhile living your smile
Oh, how could you ever know what you’ve done 
You warmed my heart when I was so all alone
But all I have to give
Are my dreams
of coming and going forever
Inside the rivers of time
you’ll find me waiting
For you to find peace in your mind
So we can love again
I feel what you feel, 
If you feel what you feel,
And I see what you see,
If you see what you see,
So it goes on and on
On it goes, on and on
It’s my heart and your heart,
It’s our hearts together,
You sing and I’ll bring,
We’ll both love together,
And all I know is let it grow
All you’ll find is peace of mind.

Love From Room 109 At The Islander by Tim Buckley.

Happy Sunday.

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