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Sage #3 by Marilyn Chin

(This poem’s about looking for the sage and not finding her)

Some say she moved in with her ex-girlfriend in Taiwan
Some say she went to Florida to wrestle alligators

Some say she went to Peach Blossom Spring
To drink tea with Tao Qian

Miho says she’s living in Calexico with three cats
And a gerbil named Max

Some say she’s just a shadow of the Great Society
A parody
Of what might-have-been

Rhea saw her stark raving mad
Between 23rd and the Avenue of the Americas
Wrapped in a flag!

I swear I saw her floating in a motel pool
Topless, on a plastic manatee, palms up

What in hell was she thinking?

What is poetry? What are stars?
Whence comes the end of suffering?

Happy Sunday.

Grouper ~ Grid of Points. Grouper is a woman, a solo artist, a woman named Liz Harris. A woman who makes very strange and beautiful music. You can find lots more of her music on YouTube. You can buy this album here.

The Races 0:00 Parking Lot 0:51 Driving 4:21 Thanksgiving Song 8:10 Birthday Song 11:10 Blouse 14:26 Breathing 16:53