I expect the site to be back to full functionality next week. Was looking around for something to post for Sunday, found a folder of old pics from way back. Ahh … the good old days.

It really was so much fun.

a feeling has passed before a charted present by Kimberly Alidio

I wanted to write a book that was like lying down.
            —Bhanu Kapil

a feeling has passed before a charted present 
a possibly expired desire 
a replacement of Whitman’s body with his opposite 
a polite vengeance 

a presumed minor literature 
a simile not in force 
a yoking of the concrete 
a myth makes 

a body subject to forces not legislated to pass over a same 
a memory uncertain about a sentence 
a certain observation of an indefinite object 
a response barely stands 

a sentence only to signal an unwritten 
a demand for a law barring its passage and end 
a tapeworm, a pinworm, a hookworm, a threadworm 
a fluke a sentence wants never to end

Happy Sunday.

And here we deviate from the usual calming meditative music of Sunday. I know nothing about this guy, but anybody who has the balls to redo a whole Bowie album, Diamond Dogs no less, start to finish, and do it soooooo well, has my respect.

I wanted to hate it, but I fell in love with it. It has all of 52 plays on YouTube. You can buy the album here and name your price.


Update: I replaced the original audio file. There was weird pumping compression crap happening. Fixed now.

Annie Fish — “The Unified Theory of the Year of the Diamond Dogs”