Sun, O bearer of rays,
The power of your light-substance
Conjures Life out of the Earth’s
Limitless rich depths.

Heart, you bearer of the soul,
The spirit-power of your light
Conjures life from the human being’s
Limitless deep inwardness.

If I gaze into the sun,
Her light speaks to me in radiance
Of the spirit, – full of grace,
Weaving through world-being.
If I feel into my heart,
The spirit speaks its own true word
Of the human being that it loves
Through all time and eternity.

Looking upward, I can see
In the sun’s bright round
The mighty world-heart
Looking inward, I can feel
In the heart’s warm beat
The human Sun ensouled

Sun Heart Verse by Rudolf Steiner

Happy Sunday.

Here is a particularly wonderful piece of music I discovered courtesy of on their Saturday Night “Modern Times” Music Show (10 pm – Midnight). Highly recommended, if you are interested in lesser known but still stellar classical works from the late 20th century and the early 21st.

Enjoy your morning. I will be joining you as soon as I make my coffee/

Takashi Yoshimatsu [吉松 隆]: Cello Concerto, Op. 91 ‘Centaurus Unit’ (2003)

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