Cloud Stories Part One

Cloud Stories Part Two

Since we are all friends here, this is the email I wrote to Dr. Kristie Boering, Director of the Berkeley Atmospheric Sciences Center in Berkeley, California, last week. A very accomplished woman. So far no response. I’ll keep you posted.

Dear Dr. Boering-

This may be one of the odder inquiries you’ve received. I recently finished writing a memoir wherein I described two cloud-related events in Berkeley, in 1968.  Having finally put the stories down in black and white, I thought I should try to find a meteorologist who might be able to explain at least the little rolling cloud incident.

Naturally. I began my search at UC Berkeley, my momentary alma mater. and found you in the Berkeley Atmospheric Sciences Center. 

My question involves the possible mind control of clouds. In the case of the small rolling cloud that came up over the Berkeley Hills from the east and rolled over me, hugging the ground all the way, and continued moving toward the bay until I could see it no longer, I am curious how that could be possible. The circular hole in the cloud cover is a different beast entirely.

I am attaching the chapter from the memoir—it provides much more detail.

The only other reference to mind control of clouds I’ve read is in the book, Walking Through Walls, by Philip Smith, a memoir about his father, the celebrity interior decoration in 50’s Miami, catering to rich people, politicians, gangsters, who discovered a gift for healing in the early sixties and subsequent upheaval of their lives. In it, he tell the story of his telling him to pick a cloud in the sky and over the course of about fifteen minutes turned into a ring, like a smoke ring on the horizon. An incredible book.

Attached please find a PDF of the Cloud Stories chapter. If you have the time and inclination, please take a look. It’s short. I do want to stress that, as far as I am concerned, neither episodes were hallucinations, in the sense of swirling and pulsating color. What I saw was as real as the ground on which I was sitting or standing.

If you don’t have time or inclination, I completely understand.

Thank you for reading this far.

Knox Bronson

Happy Sunday.

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