and we are silver candles,  
smiles on roses,  
newborn babes,  
otter consciousness,  
and night shades. 

We are ghostly shades  
and the shapes of black  
bonfires that melt through consciousness.  
Perceptions are candles  
and we are babes  
who imagine the thorns of roses. 

The petals of roses  
make pink and blue shades  
and scents over babes  
who fear no black  
in the hugeness of consciousness. 

We are the autumn of consciousness  
giving birth to spring roses  
by the silverware next to the candles.  
Not all of the shades  
nor all of the purple and black  
convinces us we are other than babes. 

You know we are babes.  
Each thing is our consciousness.  
The cave is black  
but it is filled with roses  
–and though we draw the shades  
we light the candles. 

The bright glow is from the candles  
in the hands of babes  
who outline the shades  
of perception in consciousness.  
See there are roses!  
They stand in the black. 

Those are candles of consciousness  
that show we are babes and floating roses.  
We are shades of flesh turning on black.

Michael McClure ~ SESTINA

Happy Sunday.


Roger and Brian Eno ~ Mixing Colors (full album)

This album was just released and it’s wonderful.

From the YouTube page:

Brian Eno and Chilvers have worked together on videos for the album Mixing Colours that distil the album’s essence, marrying the simplicity and contemplative qualities of its soundscapes with suitably uncomplicated, mesmerising imagery of slowly-changing, dreamlike panoramas. Whether or not these settings are familiar, their impressionistic character lends them an enigmatic anonymity, encouraging the mind to wander into worlds both real and imagined. “The more you listen to this,” says Roger, “particularly with the fabulous worlds that Brian has created, you can really walk into this enormous landscape and stay.”

Have a cup of coffee, tea, or something stronger, and have a listen.

For a Sunday project, please make a picture of yourself or your home or whatever is nearby for Pixels.

Here is the first video off the album.

Kinda reminds me of this one from two years ago. :)