Roger Guetta ~ The Quiet One

Roger Guetta ~ The Quiet One

From The Philter:

Yes, the singular human being we call Bowie is gone. But the spirit of Bowie will be with us always (not unlike Obi-Wan Kenobi). He was one of the most recorded, most photographed, most documented people in the history of the world. The art, the evidence, the inspiration is all still there. And more to the point, a little bit of Bowie lives on in every one of us who loved him.

So. It is our turn to be Bowie now. And it’s going to take all of us, because we can’t do it as well as he could – maybe not even a millionth as well – but if we all work together, we can at least take a shot at it. And that means, starting today, being the most creative, confident, generous, and glamorous version of yourself. [Emphasis mine. And this applies to your iPhone art as well!]

Read the whole wonderful piece here.

David Bowie live & unplugged at the Bridge Concert south of San Francisco in 1996. You will def. want to listen to the little blues ditty at 10:20 with which he surprised his bandmates and the audience. The whole concert is wonderful.

00:00 ~ Aladdin Sane
5:40 ~ Jean Genie
10:20 ~ I’m a Hog For You Baby (excerpt)
12:40 ~ I Can’t Read (a Tin Machine song)
18:15 ~ The Man Who Sold The World
23:10 ~ Heroes
29:30 ~ Let’s Dance
34:20 ~ The concert starts all over again, but with much worse video quality. I have no explanation.