Cara Weil ~ Shadow Play

A stunning set this week. It could have been three times a big, as usual. In no particular order:

Veevs Hansen ~ The Blue Room. For some reason, this image brings to mind Anne Rice’s novels of  sadomasochist love. In every dream home a heartache.
Shirley Drevich ~ Double Love. I love how Shirley has boosted the saturation and contrast ever so slightly. The flowers just reek of sex.
Luca Febbraio ~ Summit Push. Such an interesting shot. I want to know the whole story.
Katy Chmura ~ Viva Las Vegas 2. This girl is working it. Great capture. The desaturation is perfect: I have a feeling there is some bright red lipstick in the original photo. I like the oppressive vignetting pressing down on her from the top of the picture. It isn’t affecting her, though.
Karen Divine ~ Building The Ferris Wheel 2.  From whatever dream world Karen Divine channels these scenes, I’d like to vacation there occasionally. I love her amorphous clouds, from which surface strange creature, cryptic texts, diagrams, and textures transmuting in color and intensity. They are maps of cities buried beneath Oz.
Johnny Eckó ~ Lapidum In Focus
Glenn Homann ~ Pink Junk. Glenn has this way of transforming junk—scrap metal, lumber, wire, machine parts, flotsam and jetsam—into wonderful abstract collages. Love the composition on this one, and the colors.
Dax Curnew ~ White Picket Fence. This one caught my eye immediately. It looks like a puddle reflection, of which you will find maybe five out of 13,000 images on Pixels. But, if it IS a reflection shot, it is so well done, I love it. Hard to say what’s foreground and background, even what’s up and down. Great colors.
Christopher Swink ~ Reds Series. There are five of these. There is something so wonderfully  and joyfully twisted about them. Christopher says,”They made me see that there is still hope in this cruel world of ours. And even through the darkness, light shines and children play.” But I see a Steven King movie with Captain Beefheart as the soundtrack.
Chad Rankin ~ The Truth Is In The Trash. This is such a send-up of the moody semi-abstract work that was so big in the fifties and sixties. A great parody. But I am sure Chad is very serious on one level. I like the sparseness of the elements, and the huge garbage cans. And the  strange machine in the sky.
Cara Weil ~ Shadow Play. This is such a perfect shot of a little girl looking at her shadow. So sweet, her foot in the air, her concentration, the shadow falling off the edge of the picture.
Arjan van der Horst ~ Lines. Cotton candy clouds. Bare trees. Long shadows. Blue skies. The little house in the distance on the right. The perspective enforced by the straight road, the white lines, and the trees all the way down to the horizon. I love how the wedge of the rust-colored field on the left picks up the orange of the trees. Green on the ground, turquoise in the sky darkening to deep blue.
Andrew Proudlove ~ Impending Storm. A very different country life/air shot. Wonderful how the dark clouds are massing across the sky over the bucolic countryside and we see the last rays of the sun lighting the stage from the west. But the deluge is almost upon us.
Andrea Mdos ~ Double. It’s Andrea Mdos. I could look at it forever.
Andrea Koerner ~ The Greening Of Spring. Another country-life scene that just caught my eye. I love the colors. Looks like some layering going on. A lovely picture.