Davide Capponi ~ Spiralling Down

As is always the case, not an easy week to pick fifteen images for  the {sunday.second look} feature. So we have eighteen. This is a good problem to have, believe me. With no further ado, in no particular order, beyond reverse alphabetical by first name, this week’s picks for another look:

  • Susan ThompsonCayucos Dog Beach I just like this shot. The dog reversing direction as his human gets ready to let fly with the tennis ball catapult. The guy leaning into his stride. The group closer to the shore. Everybody reflected in the ripples in the sand. The little shore break off to the left. Really nicely apped.
  • Roger Guetta ~ Flora Dada I have no idea if the source material for this image was an actual bouquet or not, but Flora Dada is an appropriate title. Like most of Roger’s work, it’s suffused with intelligence and a dash of humor. Lots of nice touches, like the green scribbles and the diagonal green and pale orange “foliage” at the base of the stems. Well done.
  • Roger Clay ~ On My Way Home Strange—and thoroughly enjoyable—little graffiti shot out in the middle of the pasture. Please tell me the rainbow is real and not apped in there! (Roger sent me the original—it’s a real rainbow. I thought so … it’s just one of those amazing captures — fantastic rainbow!) Excellent work. Beautiful apping of an already beautiful picture.
  • Natali Prosvetova ~ Bronze Night Natali’s timing was perfect here. Looks like dusk, the water as smooth as glass, just enough light in the sky to create a backdrop on the surface for the reflected buildings and trees, which are perfectly mirrored in the stillness. Reducing the color palette to dark greens, browns, and greys enhances the moodiness of the shot. Is it the end of the day, or the beginning of an interesting night?
  • Maddy McCoy ~ At The Museum 5 If I had to guess, I’d say Maddy used some kind of Slow Cam here, causing the man in the foreground to … not be all there. The apping brings forth the majesty of the interior architecture. Love the colors.
  • Louis Mattarelli ~ Red Tide Night This seascape looks like some massive mid-sixties abstract expressionist canvas. Angry sea. Angry sky. Massive and foreboding rock formations impervious to both.
  • Lanie Heller ~ One Step Too Far A majickal image. The shadows of the figures do not match them. What is the green cylindrical object they are holding? It looks like the shadow figures are holding up camera or iphone to take a picture. And, of course, the silhouetted bird taking off to the left is the perfect dénoument: the beginning of a new tale.
  • Klaudia Cechini ~ cat What can I say? I love Klaudia’s defiant cigaret smoking self-portraits. Great cat!
  • Karen Devine ~ M R 7a What is there to say about Karen’s strange and beautiful and mysterious pieces that I haven’t said before. I feel that I am lacking the necessary vocabulary when I try to tell why I like her work so much. The phrase that comes to mind, which may or may not be appropriate, and to which I have no claim, is “An enigma wrapped in a conundrum encircled by a riddle.” Or, as Jimi Hendrix put it, “Not necessarily stoned, but …. beautiful.”
  • Ichiro Koide ~ Blooming Plum Hill I have always been a fan of Ichiro’s, ever since the days of his Bird Song series. He brings such an amazing impressionistic sensibility to his images, always delicate and tranquil, and full of reverence for our natural world.
  • Elodie Hunting ~ 5 I wrote to Elodie about another image and asked her if it was a self-portrait. She replied,”Maybe it is. And maybe it isn’t.” I wrote to her about this one and asked who it was. She replied,”I knew you would like this one.” Here, it’s the candle. Everything else flows from that. A beautiful image, as enigmatic as Elodie herself. (Correction: it’s a knife, not a candle. Excellent!)
  • Davide Capponi ~ Spiralling Down This is just a great show of a collapsing building, perfectly apped.
  • David Schuster ~ Anything Will Help This was also featured in the Wednesday {orpheum} gallery. I’m kind of at loss what to do: {orpheum} this week was thirty amazing images. I could have put them all in here. But that applies to the whole past week’s worth of images, doesn’t it? This is one of those shots where I’m actually glad the guy’s face isn’t in it. Is he a panhandler? That is a pretty fancy sign for one: we don’t have panhandlers like that in Berkeley. Also, the sign seems to include the word “healthcare.” What is that about? I guess it boils down to all the implied stories in the image … and I think the desaturation heightens that potential.
  • Danny Panaseth ~ The Performer As many know, I’m not a fan of spot color, but it works perfectly in this image: the socks, the boutonnière, the flowers on the screen at the back of the stage. This is also one of those rare live performance shots done by an iPhone that actually works: usually the limitations of the lens (light, depth of field, and so) make shooting performers on stage impossible. But this worked perfectly, and, indeed, this was the decisive moment—a great capture. Plus, I just think that guy is SO cool.
  • Cindy Patrick ~ Could you please stop texting and take me for a walk? Pure urban/pet cuteness done only as Cindy Patrick can. I mean, look at that dog. Look at her hair. Look at the fire hydrant. The hint of motion in the distant intersection. It kills me.
  • Christopher Swink ~ Cat Tails There is a hyper-romanic aspect to Christopher’s landscapes, imbued with dramatic light and shading: always wonderful composition and color.
  • Andrew B. White ~ Kakariki (is green) I like how both the sea and sky seem to coalesce around the big ship. And I like the color of the sky, the perspective conveying just how massive the ship is, and the rippling dark waters in the foreground. Lovely.
  • Alexey Ovsyannikov ~ untitled What is there to not love about this self-portrait? The grainy black and white processing is perfect. The overlay of the locked cabinet (or locker) with the lock directly over his right eye is perfect. The trickling, grainy red smudge down the forehead and over the distorted left eye: perfect. Should be a cd cover.

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