Andrew Lucchesi ~ Roxtar

Well, same situation as last week. I got up to twenty pictures without even trying. Then I spent at least a half-hour trying to cut five images. Finally got it down to sixteen images, but couldn’t pick one more to cut. So I added two back in to make even rows of three pictures. And I will tell you, based on what has come in in the past couple days, doing the {daily pic} and next weeks {second look} is going to be another struggle. Too much excellent work.
So, in no particular order, beyond alphabetical first names, this week’s {second look}:

  • Tracy Munson ~ In Bloom A gorgeous capture of exploding life and color in the early days of Spring. Love the palette of pinks and dusty peach. The tilt-shift effect very well-used. We can almost feel the plant energy in the air.
  • Sara McCracken ~ Wait For Me A lovely and mysterious geometric abstract. Beautiful composition and colors.
  • Roger Guetta ~ Sunday Serenade Music on a quiet afternoon. A lovely whimsical nude with dulcimer and cool boots. And I am a sucker for dulcimers and cool boots.
  • Roger Clay ~ Plugged In Great street shot. I have no idea what it’s about. Love her outfit. I like the way Roger has desaturated much of the image, bringing her and the structure into the fore. I still have no idea what that thing is.
  • Robert Mullen ~ Yellow Drama Beautiful still life captures the delicate and overwhelming beauty of the flower.
  • Rino Rossi ~ House and Cause Kind of an absurdist homage to Dalì, gritty neighborhood, dimensional rupture, love the yellow glow in the sky.
  • Lu Guada ~ Nera Great fractured portrait of a beautiful woman. Completely over-apped — grunged and decim8ed – in the most delicious way. Or, as Major Tom would say, in a most peculiar way. We get enough of her eyes and lips to complete the story. It is we who are fractured. And her stars look very different today.
  • Lene Basma ~ Stream Sea water flows over the rocks on the shore. Perfect composition enhanced by desaturation: rock in foreground, breakwater in distance, motion-blurred water cascading back to the sea.
  • Kris Torma ~ Donkey Wonderful weirdness, great use of a gimmicky app, Torma style.
  • Kim Martino ~ Easter Still Life Another over-the-top still life. Love the radial explosions of color. Kind of a cross between Matisse and a Calder mobile.
  • Johnny Eckó ~ Anima Sensitiva Johnny remains much the mystery man to me. His constructions are meticulously planned and executed. Total intrigue. The baby face. The lifebuoy. Mysterious words in a strange language. You know I love a mystery.
  • Fabio DAndrea ~ … Because I Fly Just a wonderfully captured and apped view of the metropolis from the air. Great color. Love the light grunging and vignetting.
  • Delta Martin ~ Red Lips Bright red lips. If I were a bee, I’d spend a while gathering pollen on this amazing hothouse flower. Irresistible.
  • Dave Rondeau ~ Out Of Context Just a great minimal shot, graphic, bold, of some machine part, or toy, or track.
  • Cindy Patrick ~ If you run out of ideas, follow the road: you will get there A beautiful country-scape from Cindy with her usual deft manipulation of color and texture, while holding the detail of the blossoms on the trees.
  • Christopher Swink ~ Inception  This is just strange. I love it. I have no idea what it is.
  • Andrew Proudlove ~ Nothing Else Matters A very sweet capture of a loving moment. Andrew says he was shooting into the sun. Somehow the huge lens flare works and we can feel the joy of the couple’s embrace.
  • Andrew Lucchesi ~ Roxtar Andrew has a way of using these Peter Max-type apps and creating these wonderful psychedelic portraits. They are always so much fun. I love the expression on this little boy’s face. His clothes are perfect. Andrew has brought forth the inherent roxtar-hood of this lad. Wonderful, playful, with just the slightest bit of hopeful apprehension in his face. Perfect!