Dax Curnew ~ Twins Under A Rainbow

Okay, herewith, in no particular order, beyond reverse alphabetical, this week’s {sunday.second look} images.
Enjoy the gallery!

  • T. Wendell Peek ~ Birdman. I love the playfulness of this piece, the reduced color palette, the hints of stars and foliage, and the strange Birdman himself, who would be scary if he were not trying so hard to seem so.
  • Shirley Drevich ~ Oh Cannonball. Shirley had a similar still-life some time back. It might have even been a {daily pic}. I love how she’s handled the saturation and the slight blurring in the background to pop the flower’s sex organs out in brilliant display.
  • Roger Guetta ~ Summer Stock. There was a song in the late seventies called “Fish Heads.” Here is the video. Incredible. As the song says,”Fish heads, fish heads/Roly-poly fish heads/Fish heads, fish heads/Eat them up, Yum!” Absolutely.
  • Reed Johnson ~ Steel Blue Magnolia. This is just an amazing still-life. Beautiful, the powder blues and soft greens. Really well done.
  • Mark Daniels ~ Coming Of Age. The layered-texture portrait is a staple of iphonic art. This one is quite wonderful. I particularly like the interplay of the background textures over the upper half of the face and the eyes. Also that the lips are not occluded by either texture or apped grunging or distortion. The faint earth tones in the facial area, echoed stronger in the backround.
  • Marie Matthews ~ All That Jazz. This is fantastic. And mystifying. The Daliesqe chopping-off of the right arm. The colored tissue paper bouquet in her hair and exploding out of the top of her dress. The light and her almost mime-white make-up. Her inscrutable smile. Is that a cup she is holding in her left hand? Who is this gorgeous creature? Where was this taken? Where was she going? I love what Marie has done with the textured and gradated background. It continues to grow on me.
  • Lanie Heller ~ Wild Thing At Play. There is just something wonderful about this picture, the way Lanie apped it. Great shot to begin with. Love the flat terrain, desert-like, low hills jutting in the distance.
  • Johnny Eckó ~ Oscula. Signature Johnny Eckó: playful, sexy, graphic, surrealistic, bold, European, vintage and modern simultaneously. (for some reason, the slide show skips over this image, not sure why. This whole gallery is buggy today, but it’s too much work to rebuild. Sorry.)
  • Johanna Streich ~ But Today. Signature Johanna: bold, yet feminine. Always simmering with erotic power. I like the blue and green overtones, as well as the gentle blurring in the background and foreground. Her makeup is perfect and the shot is perfectly posed.
  • Elodie Hunting ~ It’s Both And More. Gorgeous. Everything about it. Left eye obscured by a fall of greenish beads. Right eye gazing at camera in a way every man hopes  a woman will look at him. Luscious red lips, hint of luster. But the rest of her sort of melts into the background. It’s a wonderful effect.
  • Edyta Lipinska ~ You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star. Edyta has a way of creating these archetypal images with her mannequin shots. Everyone knows I rarely publish mannequin pictures, but I find hers irresistible.
  • Dax Curnew ~ Twins Under A Rainbow. This is an incredible illustration. Evocative of another time. Each element—the girl, mirrored, the bare tree, the clouds, the rainbow, the strange “root” system, wonderfully desaturated and blended together with hints of color from the rainbow echoed throughout the montage. The patterned overlay ties the whole image together as a background from which the girls stand out perfectly.
  • Dan Marcolina ~ Blooms. An oddball still-life where the mirroring in the foreground and the background really help to reinforce the weirdness of the centerpiece of the shot, whatever on earth it is. The gradated colors, the vignetting, and even the frame all add to the humorous scariness of the piece.
  • Damian De Souza ~ Requiem For A Centipede. Damian just sent in another “centipede” image today. It’s wonderful, as well. I hate centipedes, but I love this image, the abstraction of the form, the graphic use of color, the streaking lines, the strange jutting form that extends from the bottom of the image like a pedestal over which the centipede floats. I even like the large black solid areas that border left and right vertically: good call on Damian’s part.
  • Clint Cline ~ Man On A Train. The silhouetting of this man is so well done, merging him with the grunged foreground, against the sensuously curving and shining buildings in the distance outside the train window. He isn’t looking out the window, consumed in thought. For me, the picture is about his loneliness.
  • Cindy Patrick ~ “All Gardening Is Landscape Painting”—William Kent. The old Cindy Patrick magic at work here. Brilliant saturated colors, perfect composition, grunged brown sky with hints of cloud. I like the flattened green on the barn structure and I LOVE the chicken wire fencing in the foreground, a ghostly honeycombed imprint on the image.
  • Chad Rankin ~ A Face With A View. Chad takes chances, always pushes the envelope. This one works very well, kind of scary, kind of funny, kind of sweet, thanks to the birds, and surreal through-and-through.
  • Andrea Koerner~ Foggy Morning. A perfect capture. The stillness of the water, the silence of the moment implicit. The mist in the distance and the glow of the rising sun on the water. Love the bluish undertones, and the very faint sepia, and the reflections on the meandering stream.

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