The Mechanic of Thought ~ T. Wendell Peek

I am going to have to cut back on the commentary for a while. I’ve been holding this gallery since Sunday, thinking I would have time to write, but I don’t. It is a pleasure to write about the great work that comes into Pixels, but, at this time, I must attend to a few initiatives that will perhaps enable me to build out the new site, as well as offer a number of services to artists.

Don’t worry – we’ll still have the {sunday.second look} gallery every week! —Knox

  • Where there is ruin, there is hope for a treasure.—Rumi ~ Lanie Heller
  • Verdant World ~ Mo Ruddy Burkhart
  • Untitled ~ Bobbi McMurry
  • Trumpet Vine ~ Cat Morris
  • The Mechanic of Thought ~ T. Wendell Peek
  • The Decimation of Pierrot ~ Marie Matthews
  • Sometimes a flower is just … a flower ~ Elaina Wilcox
  • Snake country ~ Johan Huising
  • Renovation—A moth will never be a butterfly ~ Lynda Martin
  • Peony Study ~ Fiona Christian
  • Penumbra ~ Mark Daniels
  • Not having believed his only eye, he stepped back to have a second look ~ Damian Da Souza
  • My Thoughts Are Of You ~ Ginger Lucero
  • Lightning ~ Andrew Proudlove
  • Legend Of The Akashi Herons ~ Rudy Vogel
  • Green Marina ~ Arjan van der Horst
  • Elizabeth ~ Elodie Hunting
  • 1937 Buick #10 ~ James Clarke