wild poppies ~ Ivana J. Bucci

This week’s batch of images worth another look or two. But everything on Pixels is worth another look or two!

  • wild poppies ~ Ivana J. Bucci. Beautiful and delicate dance of the poppies, light shining through the petals.
  • When The Night Was So Cruel ~ Fabio D’Andrea. Lovely gradations of color and beautiful light. I feel like this most of the time. Beautiful decay.
  • What Was ~ Shane Martin. A wonderful country shot, very well apped. The collapsing barn: perfect.
  • Theater of the Absurd ~ Sean Hayes. Sean sent in a series of these: juxtaposed doll faces, top and bottom. They were all good, but this was my favorite.
  • The Wall ~ Andrea Korner. A great concept and Andrea has done a wonderful job of bringing out the colors in the landscape, water, and sky and then layering with the brick wall.
  • The iPhoneographer ~ Damian De Souza. Excellent variation of our well-known mirror shot!
  • Tempore mutatio ~ Johnny Ecko. The founder of the Berkeley Repertory Theater, Michael Leibert, once said to me,”Well, Knox, with LSD, sometimes you wake up and your head isn’t there anymore. With alcohol, you wake up and your head’s always there.”
  • Portrait of a Witch ~ Edyta Lipinska. Edyta is our Picasso.
  • on a sunny day ~ Candice Chidiac. Lovely portrait of a young girl. I think the ghosting is a wonderful touch: an evocation of both spirit, of time always moving, of the ephemeral sweetness of youth.
  • Look Who’s Here To See You ~ Elodie Hunting. Elodie’s collaborations with daughter Elizabeth always have such wonderful qualities, evoking realms of magic, feminine power and beauty, the mystical flow of energies that comprise womanhood.
  • Lily Pad ~ Kris Torma. I love the peace and stillness. Not sure how much Kris played with the color, but it’s perfect. If I were a frog, I’d like to live here.
  • freeways 101 ~ Glenn Homann. Great composition and color.
  • expression ~ Robert Mullen. The red splash reminds me of freshly splattered blood.
  • Escape ~ Jason Feather. Two years ago, I published every bird in flight picture. Now, hardly any. But this one is about the building, really. It’s an odd one and Jason has apped it to bring out its ominous and foreboding aspects. I like the deep purplish tones, the vignetting, the empty background, grunged nicely. And the little bird adds life and humor and motion.
  • Erik Satie As A Young Man ~ Roger Guetta. Roger has done a whole series of these with his usual inventiveness and assured tonal renderings. Erik Satie is the patron saint of Pixels.
  • Case Of Staircase ~ Rino Rossi. Very odd what Rino has done to the space, warped it somehow to compress and exaggerate a feeling of claustrophobia. That is a stairway up which I would not want to walk. Nor would I like to anybody or anything come down the stairs. Great color.
  • Auto Portrait ~ Therese Cherton. This image is just over the top. The incongruity of the laughing mouth and crinkled eye along with not one, but two frames, the ripped-paper app, the layered in foliage … adds up to irresistible and very strange. Good strange.
  • A Pageantry Of Probable Impossibilities ~ Rudy Vogel. An odd Vogel-esque menagerie in darkening dream space. The little dancing skeletons kill me.