The Magus ~ Damian De Souza

Another stunning week. Thank you.

  • 1937 Buick #6 ~ James Clarke. No one does cars, or clouds, like Jim. This is one of his best, a celebration of a mid-twentieth-century American design, when cars were still designed by men for men. What a car, what a shot, so perfectly apped.
  • At Least I Have My Red Shoes ~ Lene Basma. Lene has bifurcated the mask as if to suggest the modern woman’s dilemma in approaching life/work/love in this post-feminist era. However, as the title suggests, she has her head on squarely enough to get down to the basics. Great shoes, wonderful mask. I like the implied cross as well. Or is it a window frame?
  • Catcher ~ Delta Martin. A great expression of the generous abundance of creation. Beautiful saturation and contrast in the garden as it explodes in myriad textures, forms, and colors.
  • Flight in Troubled Times ~ John Mallon. This is a wonderfully surreal piece. I’m not sure how many images John used to put it together. The bird out in front of the large expanse of blank wall works brilliantly, framed by brightly-colored buildings that seem to be collapsing like houses of cards. The blue water anchors the image to a kind of reality; the sectioned, glowing sky suggests an alien future. I really don’t know what to make of the whole thing, but it is one of those pictures that starts out weird and scary and ends up strange and funny. Well done.
  • Hawkwind ~ T. Wendell Peek. If Edyta is our Picasso, I think Wendell is turning into our Miro, with a touch of Klee and Klimt (the golds). I just love this amazingly silly building. I think some odd people must be living there. I think they are posting pictures on this site.
  • I don’t love him ~ Lu Guada. I’m afraid Lu caught a sad truth here, and brought it forth perfectly in his apping. Damian De Souza commented,”That blurry, male figure, is like the materialization of her internal process that’s related to him. She doesn’t love him, therefore he exists outside of her, rather than in her heart.” Amen.
  • I taste you on my lips in a memory that hasn’t happened yet ~ words, Ron Willis; image, Elizabeth Grilli. Liz mixes sensuality and sadness in such a unique way. And there is always an undercurrent of intelligence to the dreaminess.
  • Jackfruit ~ Shirley Drevich. Well, hell, if I could manufacture chaps that look like this, I could have made a fortune at the Pride Parade today. Great still-life, Shirley. She wrote to me, said, “I thought you would like this one.” I thought,”What is she saying?” :)
  • Let The Fish In You Escape ~ Cindy Patrick. Harkening back to the first pictures Cindy every submitted to Pixels. A sublime capture of an aquatic ballet. Love how she has reduced it to the yellow, blue, green, and red low lights. Love the motion tracers on the arms and feet, gravity free, a dance for no reason at all, the best reason of all. I keep wondering what kind of music would be playing. Or is the only sound the fractal harmonics of splashing water?
  • Nude 111 ~ Karen Divine. So playful, naughty, sexy, and artistic, all rolled up in one image. I like the messiness of the fabrics (clothing, bedding?) strewn about at her feet and behind her. And the image is of course apped with the usual divine magic.
    About ten years ago, I had the brilliant idea (not) that I could make money selling spanking kits and started a company called HoneyBun (you can see the remnants of the site here). I look at this picture and remember what I was thinking about as I formulated the warming oil and cooling mist.
    But back to Karen’s picture: Et bien, quel derrière!
  • Portrait of a Witch ~ Edyta Lipinska. I see a princess, not a witch! Or if she is a witch, she’s a good witch. Beautiful and striking. 
  • Row Your Boat Gently ~ Irene Oleksiuk. A somewhat strange and haunting image. Romantic. I like how Irene has shifted the colors around. And the texturing works well to enhance the quiet ambiance implied.
  • Shed In The French Alps ~ Johan Huizing. This is a picture that has much more impact when viewed large. You can see it here. This picture really grew on me, the textures, the colors, reds, browns, rust, corrugated roof … and the broken bright blue shutters in the window: someone painted them and hung them there a long time ago. 
  • Sun Worship ~ Jahsharn. A simple and lovely capture of a delicate flower in the sun. But simple isn’t easy, as we know. I love the glow in the sky, the sunlight on the translucent petals, and, especially the tufts of clouds jetting up from the bottom of the picture. Capturing the ephemeral.
  • The Angel in the Rhino ~ Victoria Martin. This is one of those pictures that is just so over-the-top that it works. I mean, Victoria, what are you doing here? I LOVE it. It makes absolutely no sense and, as such, keeps me returning to look at it over and over.
  • The Contender ~ Roger Guetta. Moody. Shifting perspectives. Those layered in rivets are a masterstroke. The mad professor is in the house.
  • The Magus ~ Damian De Souza. This is a guy I would not want to anger. He doesn’t seem particularly good or evil: perhaps he dwells in realm beyond such concerns. I will try to write more about this picture tomorrow: I am too tired to put together any coherent thoughts about it at the moment.
  • Waiting For a Sign #3 ~ Catherine Restivo. I usually don’t like spot color, but it makes this picture work. It’s a goofy chair in a goofy place and that red wall fixture, whatever it is, proclaims proudly the goofy to the universe. I love the ripped and torn and grunged background. And the writing and symbols on the chair itself. I assume Catherine layered those in. Perfect!


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