Menace to by Taylor Johnson

Nightly my enemies feast on my comrades 
like maggots on money. Money being my enemy

as plastic is my enemy. My enemy everywhere 
and in my home as wifi is 

a money for me to reach my comrades 
and kills my house plants. My enemy 

is distance growing dark, distance growing 
politely in my pocket as connection. 

I must become something my enemies can’t eat, don’t have 
a word for yet, my enemies being literate as a drone is 

well-read and precise and quiet, as when I buy something 
such as a new computer with which to sing against my enemies, 
there is my enemy, silent and personal.

Happy Sunday.

Studio rehearsal of live kinetic painting by Norman Perryman, to CANTUS ARCTICUS, Concerto for Orchestra and Birds, by Einojuhani Rautavaara. This sound track by Royal Scottish National Orchestra, conducted by Hannu Lintu.