Submissions have slowed down and I have a lot more time on my hands, so you are going to see more music on here on Pixels for a while. Here, a strange video for Country Joe’s Colours For Susan song off the second CJ & The Fish album. I cannot overstate how much his chordal shadings and their early psychedelic sound influenced me musically as a sixteen year old. My first acid trip was at a Sunday afternoon free concert in Provo Park (across from Berkeley High School) where the Fish were the headliners.

Some people may have noticed my first album was entitled Pop Down The Years, Electronic Music For The Mind And Body and that the first Country Joe and the Fish album was entitled Electric Music For The Mind And Body. Now that I think about, I doubt anybody noticed.

Hell, here’s one more for posterity. What can I say, Wendell’s picture bring out the old psychedelic warrior in me!

Pixels, dedicated to your serenity and illumination.

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